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VeeFriends Series 2: Everything you should know

VeeFriends Series 2 is one of the most exciting albums of the year, so it’s a must-have for Gary Vee fans! To make things more exciting, the VeeFriends team is busy releasing new content as they get ready for the official launch. As for the fans, you can now see if you’re eligible to receive any of the NFTs in the collection by learning how in the following sections.

VeeFriends Series 2 Friends List is a whitelist in the VeeFriends world. First, the group will draw 32,000 BOOK GAMES tokens at random from a pool of 120,000. During the Friends List window on April 12, tokens of Series 2 can generate from the corresponding wallet addresses.

Friends List minting will take place from April 12 to 24. It would be best if you are in the list to mint a Series 2 by paying the mint price plus gas until April 24. On April 12, “Friends List” will be in addition to VeeFriends Series 2 NFT. The cost of each coin in this collection is $995 in Ethereum. Two hundred thirty-six characters from Series 1 and 15 new characters are inclusions in the total number of characters that will appear in the second series.

New Features of Veefriends 2!

Series 2 of VeeFriends will feature 15 brand-new characters, each with a unique set of 220 tokens. All characters in the second series have 214 possible combinations of poses and backgrounds that are generated randomly. Also included are six 1/1 Spectacular types. A variety of limited-edition items include Diamond Hologram Gold Lava, a surprise type, and a variety of other limited-edition items.

A non-spectacular token of 15 new characters is available for the next 15 days, one per day, following the Friends List mint. An announcement is in order for April 27, when the 16th Spectacular Day, which will include all six Spectacular types for the 15 new characters, will begin.

Participants with BOOK GAMES tokens can enter a 24-hour raffle for each character they own. The team will select 214 people who must burn their tokens to get the character. There is a deadline for you to use your tokens. Once you have decides to submit this, you will receive a new character from Series 2 at random. 

Check Your Eligibility For VeeFriends S2!

The “Friends List” will accompany the April 12 release of VeeFriends Series 2 NFT. The total number of coins in the collection will be 55,555, each costing $995 in Ethereum. There are two hundred fifty-one characters in total, including 236 from Series 1 and 15 brand new ones.

The Friends List in VeeFriends Series 2 is VeeFriends’ version of a whitelist. There are 120,000 BOOK GAMES tokens available, and the team will randomly select 32,000 of them. During the Friends List window on April 12, the tokens’ corresponding wallet addresses can be mint Series 2.

Head over to the Series 2 website to see if you’re eligible to join the Friends List. Connect your wallet by clicking the “Check Eligibility” button. Afterward, the site will tell you whether or not you’re eligible for the drop and how many mints you’ll receive.

On April 5, at 1 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, the Friends List was down. From April 12th to the 24th, you’ll be able to add friends to your friends list. You’ll have until April 24 to mint a Series 2 by paying the mint price plus gas fees if you’re chosen.

As a result, anyone who owns a Series 1 VeeFriends NFT has the privilege to a free Series 2 VeeFriends NFT for their current character. 10,000 NFTs will be made available to the general public when the public mint opens to the public on April 25. Additionally, the public mint will include an auction for the new Spectacular of 236 characters.

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