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Beanz Stickers Surges Due To LINE Collab

Beanz Stickers
Beanz Stickers

Chiru Labs, the overarching organization behind popular labels such as Azuki and Beanz, has secured leading positions on the LINE messaging platform. Thanks to a partnership with IPX, the entity responsible for LINE FRIENDS characters, the Beanz sticker pack has rapidly gained traction.

In April 2023, Beanz revealed its collaboration with IPX, intending to develop jointly branded content and merchandise. This alliance also aims to launch retail products in LINE FRIENDS stores and host a series of interactive real-world events that merge the two worlds. Significantly, the sticker marks the initial significant initiative resulting from this collaboration.

The remarkable aspect of the Beanz sticker pack’s success lies in its ability to introduce a new era, allowing users, including those not well-versed in NFTs, to participate in their use. IPX’s data reveals that the Beanz sticker pack has attained the highest ranking in South Korea’s “Creators” segment within the LINE Sticker shop. Its appeal also extends to the United States, where it holds the top position in both the “Humorous” and “Food” categories.

In Japan, a country boasting an impressive 90 million monthly LINE users, Beanz was warmly embraced, securing the second spot in the “Creators” section. Considering that nearly 94% of Japanese adults are active on LINE, this recognition is meaningful, underscoring the broad appeal of the Beanz stickers.

“The rapid growth of our social media channels underscores the demand for BEANZ IP, expanding our fanbase beyond the core web3 audience,” Liz Yang, Head of Growth at Chiru Labs said. “We are confident that BEANZ has the potential to capture the hearts of mainstream audiences.”

While the Beanz stickers maintain their allure among LINE users, the platform assures the introduction of more charming stickers in the future. This phenomenon serves as a representation of the potential for digital assets such as NFTs to become widely accepted, seamlessly integrating into our everyday digital engagements.

Traces of LINE Stickers

Pioneering the sticker movement, LINE embraced this mode of communication, in part due to technological limitations that made transmitting multimedia content difficult. The introduction of stickers not only elevated LINE’s user engagement but also revolutionized user acquisition.

Following an initial four-month period to reach 2 million users, LINE experienced an astounding surge of 1 million new users within just two days during the post-sticker era. In 2020, the sales of stickers alone contributed a substantial $200 million to LINE’s revenue. The triumph of the LINE FRIENDS characters, originating as stickers, cemented the sticker culture even more. Their immense popularity unlocked numerous opportunities, ranging from merchandise to partnerships.

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