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Ferrari Lead Designer Unveils NFT Tribute

After All This Time NFT By Alessandro Fiori
After All This Time NFT By Alessandro Fiori

Alessandro Fiori, the Lead Designer at Ferrari, is scheduled to launch an NFT on October 11th. This unique digital artwork will be made available exclusively through, a prestigious art platform operating on the Solana blockchain, which has recently extended its support to Ethereum transactions. Alessandro Fiori presents his digital art using the pseudonym “Mr. Uramaki.”

Titled “After All This Time,” the artwork serves as a tribute to a cherished individual who has passed away, and it holds significant personal meaning for Alessandro. Despite his family’s initial preference for him to pursue a medical career, Alessandro showed a strong affinity for the arts from a young age. Following his high school graduation, Fiori relocated to a different city to pursue a course in Industrial Design with a focus on automotive design.

Alessandro’s love of art took a backseat to his career after college. A special date with a woman rekindled his passion, and he drew her a sentimental sketch on a placemat. They shared meals for three years, and he drew her a picture every time. After she passed away in 2018, he put away his art tools. But to honor her memory, he’s planning an exhibition of the drawings he gave her, using Web3 as a platform.

“As a designer, I’ve always believed that every creation has a story to tell,” said Fiori. “After All This Time” is my way of encapsulating the essence of my personal and professional journey into a single piece of art, and I am thrilled to share it with the world.”

Alessandro Fiori worked at an Italian design studio and as a university lecturer before joining Ferrari’s design team. He has helped shape the interiors of iconic Ferrari models such as the Purosangue and the upcoming Supercar. In his current role as team leader, he oversees the entire car design process, from the initial research stage to production and launch.

Alessandro’s NFT creation blurs the boundaries between digital art and traditional art, highlighting the fusion of these two creative realms in his life.

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