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Sky’s the Limit for NFT: The Boom of Walking Dead VOX Collection

Walking dead vox

VOX, under the images of Avatars that Defi because their design meets metaverse interoperability and play-to-earn utility. Future rewards and earnings are available to all VOX owners, including playability in Will Wright and Gallium Studios’ upcoming VOXverse, which is currently in development. The greater the rarity of the VOX, the greater its long-term rewards. Hence, the introduction of the “walking Dead Vox Collection.”

The Walking Dead VOX Collection will feature 8,888 VOX, a motivation from the show’s characters and walkers, and will be available on March 28. Certain combinations and types, such as the Rick Grimes VOX or Shiva the Tiger VOX, are extremely rare.

In addition to using the talents of Sim City and The Sims legend Will Wright, Gala Games gives birth to a virtual world for VOX to enjoy. Players will be able to earn rewards for the activities of their VOX in this new VOXverse, which will elevate the metaverse concept.

VOX Boxes will be available but in limited supply for GALA, the official crypto token of the Gala Ecosystem, on March 28 through the Gala Games platform. VOX owners can then redeem their boxes on April 7 and mint their VOXes.

What is a Walking Dead VOX Collection?

As an NFT on Ethereum’s blockchain, VOXes are adorable 3D avatars that are randomly available and can be under the assumption to be one of a kind.

Members of the Web3 community prize VOX because they are more than just collectible digital art. The Gala Games ecosystem has the image of future Defi functionality and interoperability in mind. This means that VOX owners will be able to take advantage of various Gala Games, such as The Walking Dead: Empires, to enhance their gaming experience.

Each VOX is a one-of-a-kind creation with a unique set of characteristics that determine the time of production according to the VOX’s rarity and type. Even though each VOX is one of a kind, some, like the coveted Dragon VOX from the previous Mirandus VOX series, are far more difficult.

The Ember Entertainment and AMC Networks development teams have collaborated on this series to make VOX a powerful in-game boost system for the upcoming survival MMORPG.

In The Walking Dead: Empires, VOX owners will have the option of placing their TWD VOX in the game to receive special passive boosts to various gameplay stats while building and furnishing their homes. In-game buffs are available from every TWD VOX, but the rarer ones have additional, unique advantages. Placing a Daryl Dixon VOX in your base’s trophy case will provide a passive benefit to all allies when using crossbows, or a Hershel Greene VOX on a coffee table will increase your chances of crafting high-efficacy medical items at the med lab.

For TWDE players, this is all part of a complex system that allows them to customize their home bases to gain specific advantages in the game. To begin with, those who pre-order VOX will have a significant advantage in the game’s early stages. 

What if You Don’t Have a VOX Collection NFT?

After the big reveal, the Walking Dead VOX NFTs and VOX Boxes will be available on secondary markets. A quick look at OpenSea will reveal all digital assets up for grabs. After all, there are 8,888 unique digital assets in this incredible collection. NFTs with a Walking Dead theme recently expands to include VOX digital assets. A three-part animated NFT collection marks last February the show’s final season.

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