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GAME ON: Be Ready for the Volkswagen NFT Treasure Hunt and Chill!

Volkswagen nft treasure hunt

To promote the safety and intelligent features of its new Polo IQ.DRIVE model, Volkswagen South Africa has an image that integrates with the metaverse campaign: the Volkswagen NFT treasure hunt.

Volkswagen South Africa is making a foray into the metaverse by teaming up with Ogilvy South Africa on an NFT treasure hunt. Modern and cutting-edge safety and intelligence systems are also available in the vehicle.

So, what’s new for Volkswagen NFT? 

“Game On,” an interactive storytelling project that uses a social media treasure hunt to find hidden NFTs, merges the virtual world of online gaming with the real world. A PS5 and tuition from the Volkswagen Advanced Driving Academy are among the prizes up for grabs for the first person to solve the puzzle. The Volkswagen NFT treasure hunt offers some fantastic prizes. Both natural and virtual rewards await the NFT adventure’s winners.

In addition, contestants have the inspiration to discover a constellation of 100 NFTs, collectively carrying the name of the “Mzansiverse,” in conjunction with the inclusion of Polo GTI in Gran Turismo 7. An avatar-populated version of Johannesburg’s streets appears in this version of the campaign, specifically tailored for the South African market.

NFT and metaverse appeal are available in Volkswagen’s massive NFT marketing campaign. Large corporations are integrating technology into every facet of their business. According to a recent press release, Starbucks plans to enter the NFT market in 2019.

Each of the commercials features a different POLO NFT Collection for viewers to discover. The goal was to gamify the fan experience and reward the fans for their efforts to encourage participation. The Resonate soundtrack, which includes music by local artist Moonchild Sanelly and sound design by a nearby studio, originating in the area.

Then, What’s Next for Volkswagen NFT Treasure Hunt?

A South African band is responsible for creating the music for the ad’s soundtrack. In keeping with Volkswagen’s promise to “Drive Local, Support Local” with the Polo, originating in the United States, The streets of Johannesburg now with the view into the Mzansiverse for five nights using CGI and various animation software. The project requires a total of six weeks of work before completion.

Taking place on well-known Johannesburg streets, the show aims at South African audience. As a Volkswagen NFT treasure hunter, you’re searching for one of Mzansiverse’s 100 NFTs. For its first foray into this new market, Volkswagen South Africa is launching an interactive experience here. These NFTs have an additional benefit because they are golden NFTs.

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