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Vault Music Brings Cassettes To Blockchain

Cassette Culture 3.0
Vault Music's Cassette Culture 3.0

For individuals who took delight in the auditory experiences from the late 1970s to the 1990s, the expression “cassette culture” could evoke a sense of familiarity. This global music phenomenon was defined by aspiring artists, often creating unconventional or niche tracks within the confines of their homes. These musical endeavors, captured on cassette tapes, were replicated in small numbers and shared either without charge or at a minimal expense within the music enthusiast community.

Nonetheless, a persistent obstacle for numerous of these creators was the requirement for significant earnings from their artistic endeavors. Vault Music seeks to confront this issue by ushering in Cassette Culture 3.0, effectively connecting the space between the conventional cassette culture and the technological progress of Web3 music.

Vault Music’s newest endeavor stands as evidence of the seamless blend between the historical and upcoming eras. According to Nigel Eccles, CEO and co-founder of Vault Music, “What we’ve built at Vault Music takes the taping movement and makes it above board and on chain. I’ve always loved collecting music and the tradition of taping culture, but we wanted to bring it back to life with modern technology.” From his perspective, this amalgamation guarantees the preservation of performances in a non-deteriorating format, all the while providing independent artists with a means to generate significant revenue from their musical creations.

Vault Music’s dedication to revitalizing the music landscape is clearly showcased by their accomplishment of capturing 50 live concert performances from several of New York City’s iconic venues, including Bowery Electric, The Bitter End, and Mercury Lounge, among others.

Operating on both iOS and Android, this music platform grounded in blockchain technology grants artists authority over their artistic works. They have the capability to set prices and regulate the rarity of their tracks, safeguarding the distinct sonic manifestations to be one-of-a-kind. Additionally, coupled with the advantage of extended revenue potential, artists gain royalties every time their music is purchased or subsequently sold within the confines of Vault Music.

From a technical perspective, Vault Music stands prominently on the Solana blockchain. Through the integration of their exclusive Vault Protocol, the platform ensures the safe retention and encryption of audio and visual content accompanying every music release. Moreover, these releases extend beyond mere audio tracks, encompassing concert videos, voice recordings, backstage imagery, and other enriching elements.

Vault Music’s ambitious trajectory stretches far beyond the boundaries of New York City. The company’s aspirations encompass a worldwide arena, with strategic intentions to showcase pivotal cities including Los Angeles, Nashville, Austin, Amsterdam, and London, all by the conclusion of 2023. In each of these locations, the spotlight will be cast upon prominent independent and underground musicians, granting them a prominent platform to showcase their talents.

Eccles, encapsulating the essence of Vault Music, articulated, “Our objective is to create the definitive archive of the best live music experiences around the world.” Through the commitment to maintaining every album as an exclusive limited edition, Vault Music seeks to provide a collection that serves as cherished time capsules, resounding with the cadences and melodies of the world’s most vibrant underground music cultures.

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