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“Star Trek Continuum” NFTs Debuts For Franchise

Star Trek Continuum NFT
Star Trek Continuum NFT

CBS Studios has formally applied to register the title “Star Trek Continuum” for use with NFTs and cryptocurrency collectibles. The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted approval for CBS Studios to employ the well-known Star Trek label in relation to NFTs and digital collectibles connected to their Continuum series.

Based on information from the USPTO, the character trademark for the Star Trek series was officially recorded on August 8th, subsequent to CBS’s initial application in April. This trademark is designated for utilization within a dedicated online marketplace, focusing on digital cryptocurrency collectibles and video clips that are verified using NFTs.

The collection of NFTs under the label “Star Trek Continuum” showcases an array of starships from the vast Star Trek cosmos. Individuals will possess the capacity to tailor these NFTs to align with their individual inclinations, introducing an additional dimension of involvement and individualization. It is crucial to emphasize that the primary focus of the trademark application revolves around the designation “Star Trek Continuum.”

CBS’s entry into the NFT realm is indeed significant, but the intricacies of U.S. trademark and patent regulations might present difficulties for conventional enterprises venturing into the realm of cryptocurrencies. The escalating fascination with NFTs is clearly apparent as indicated by the increasing volume of trademark submissions.

The enduring allure of the Star Trek universe maintains its grip on enthusiasts, even within the cryptocurrency sphere. William Shatner, the acclaimed actor celebrated for his depiction of Captain James T. Kirk in the original Star Trek series, maintains a vibrant presence in both domains. He not only engaged as a speaker at the 2023 Consensus conference but is also slated to impart his perspectives once more at the forthcoming 2024 conference.

As CBS Studios endeavors to blend the renowned “Star Trek Continuum” brand with the NFT and cryptocurrency collectibles sphere, it’s evident that the convergence of established franchises with emerging blockchain technologies is attracting substantial notice and fascination from both fans and industry analysts. The trademark application stands as evidence of the dynamic evolution of intellectual property rights within the swiftly transforming digital domain.

CBS Studios’ pursuit of trademarking “Star Trek Continuum” for NFTs contributes to the expanding roster of prominent brands venturing into the NFT arena. Recognized entities like Disney, Amazon, and various others are actively striving to establish their footing within the NFT landscape. This pattern emphasizes the noteworthy promise held by NFTs as a connection between conventional entertainment and the decentralized digital space. As well-established brands delve into NFTs, they play a role in the continuous transformation of our understanding, generation, and interaction with digital assets.

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