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Pudgy Penguins Launches New Line Of Collectible Toys

Left Facing Collectible
Pudgy Penguins' Left Facing Collectible

Pudgy Penguins toys have regained popularity once more, driven by the astonishingly rapid sell-out of their Banana Suit collectibles in a mere 7 seconds! The venture has now unveiled its latest series of collectibles named ‘Left Facing.’ These particular penguin collectibles pay homage to the highly sought-after 1/1 Left Facing Pudgy Penguin #6873.

The toy assortment from Pudgy Penguins has swiftly generated significant waves. By introducing their vinyl and plush toys on Amazon, the brand managed to achieve an astonishing feat – selling an impressive 20,000 units in just 48 hours. This translated to over $500,000 in sales, surpassing established Amazon mainstays such as Disney, Transformers, Barbie, and Lego. This triumph not only fortified the Pudgy Penguins brand but also cast a shadow over well-known names in the Amazon marketplace.

Moreover, these toys offer more than just their tangible presence. Each one includes redeemable ‘digital experience codes,’ which transport collectors into the enchanting realm of ‘Pudgy World.’ Through scanning these codes, collectors can engage in a variety of online activities centered around these charming Antarctic creatures, fostering a dynamic sense of community.

As anticipated, the triumph of the Pudgy Penguins toys has found resonance in the realm of Pudgy Penguins NFTs. In actuality, the worth of the most affordable NFT experienced a swift 22% increase. Consequently, the minimum asking price elevated from $8,800 (4.85 ETH) to around $10,000 (5.95 ETH). According to data from CoinGecko, the present minimum price for Pudgy Penguins’ NFTs stands at $7,679.67 (4.2 ETH).

The announcement of this innovative phygital collectible was shared via Twitter. The launch of the Pudgy Penguins “Left Facing” collectible is scheduled for August 8, 9:45pm EST, exclusively on A mere 150 of these penguins have been created, and each of them is accompanied by an ERC721 token.

The penguin toy is priced at $249 USD. Furthermore, the launch event will be streamed live on thentwork. If you’re interested in acquiring a left-facing penguin, prepare to go online!

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