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Gala Games Unveils Transition To Proprietary Blockchain

Gaming On Gala Chain
Gaming On Gala Chain

In a recent statement, Gala Games has revealed its plan to move unsold and reserved NFT game items from the Ethereum network to their newly established GalaChain blockchain. This shift aims to enable gamers to engage with their NFTs without being subject to Ethereum’s gas fees. Moreover, this transition is expected to bolster the web3 capabilities of the platform.

In conjunction with this transition, Gala Games has announced the introduction of several new NFT Mystery Boxes. These boxes will complement the shift and will include game items that are no longer obtainable through the Gala Games Store. Each box will feature three randomly chosen game items from a variety of titles within the Gala Games Ecosystem. These items within the boxes will operate as tokens on GalaChain. Importantly, activities on GalaChain, such as transfers, can currently be carried out without incurring any gas fees. This presents a significant advantage, considering that the creation and distribution of these NFT Mystery Boxes would have incurred notably higher gas-related costs if carried out on the Ethereum Network.

“Bringing NFTs from our games onto our own layer 1 blockchain is a significant move. GalaChain is envisioned to facilitate game items to be utilized without the constant concerns regarding bridges and gas” Jason Brink aka “BitBender”, Gala Games’ President of Blockchain, shared his thoughts on this transition. Leveraging the capabilities of GalaChain, Gala Games has introduced a collection of 30,204 NFT Mystery Boxes, each offered at different price points.

Recognized as a leading presence in web3 entertainment, Gala Games is dedicated to providing top-tier game experiences, including titles like Spider Tanks. These experiences strongly prioritize player ownership. At its core, the company is built upon a network of decentralized game nodes, all managed by players themselves. With multiple game launches throughout the past year and several others approaching their final development phases, Gala Games is making significant progress in the realm of gaming.

Back in May, Gala Games made a significant choice to burn around 21 billion GALA tokens, which were valued at an impressive $637 million. This decision followed the conclusion of their V2 token airdrop. Gala Games’ move was seen as a strategy to alleviate worries about a potential rapid sell-off scenario. As outlined in their 2023 Vision Paper, Gala Games has started the process of token burning for their native $GALA token, a response that was prompted by input from the community.

This falls within the scope of their Gems initiative, which is aimed at bolstering mobile expansion and strengthening the node ecosystem. Gala Games has pledged to carry out a token burn of 2 billion $GALA throughout the year. While monitoring this commitment was not possible with their v1 contract, the implementation of v2 has made it attainable.

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