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Feral File celebrates anniversary displaying notable artists’ works

Feral File logo
Feral File logo

Feral File, a digital art platform, celebrates its second year by presenting an extraordinary retrospective called “Feral File 1.0.” This impressive exhibition showcases 33 captivating artworks from renowned artists like Refik Anadol and Tyler Hobbs, among others. Curated by Feral File founder Casey Reas, the collection represents a diverse and thrilling selection of artworks handpicked from previous shows.

Feral File, established in 2020, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to digital art. Through its 33 online selling exhibitions, featuring 26 curators and 178 artists, the platform has successfully showcased a diverse range of mediums and styles, breaking away from the perception of digital art as a confined domain. Feral File continually pushes boundaries in the realm of digital art, whether through group displays or meticulously curated exhibitions.

In addition to commemorating Feral File’s second anniversary, the retrospective signifies a significant shift in direction. With the introduction of Feral File 2.0, the emphasis will be placed on safeguarding artists’ rights, ensuring fair compensation through resale and cross-blockchain transactions. Special attention will be given to editioned series and group exhibitions, enabling artists to obtain a complete set of each artwork featured in the show.

Alongside the unveiling of “Feral File 1.0,” Feral File is set to inaugurate a fresh phase with the captivating exhibition “N=12,” curated by Aaron Penne, commencing on July 13th. As a tribute to its origins, Feral File will additionally showcase “The Experiment,” which will display a carefully curated assortment from the esteemed 2019 a2p collection.

At the heart of Feral File’s second-anniversary festivities lies a resolute dedication to experimentation and a forward-thinking vision for the future of digital art. The retrospective not only highlights the platform’s remarkable accomplishments but also sets the stage for novel prospects and the fostering of a vibrant community within the digital art realm.

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