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Lacoste Introduces Dynamic NFTs to UNDW3 Ecosystem

Lacoste Dynamic NFTs
Lacoste Dynamic NFTs

Lacoste, the well-known clothing giant, is leading the way in luxury fashion and the Web3 movement. This advancement is poised to completely transform how brands engage with their audience. Lacoste is taking their impressive collection of 11,212 Genesis Pass NFTs and turning it into a dynamic portal to the innovative UNDW3 ecosystem.

In this latest endeavor, individuals possessing these NFTs gain access to a UNDW3 dashboard and a multitude of captivating Lacoste-inspired experiences. Moreover, by actively participating in “The Mission,” participants will accumulate points based on their engagement with the brand. These points will then contribute to a live leaderboard, where the top achievers will be eligible for exclusive rewards. Notably, the concept of a “dynamic NFT” comes into play as the NFT’s associated image evolves and enhances as the holder ascends the leaderboard.

By joining this leaderboard, individuals who possess these NFTs will gain access to a variety of benefits and rewards. Moreover, the ownership of these NFTs provides exclusive advantages within the UNDW3 ecosystem. These advantages encompass entry to the exclusive Lacoste UNDW3 collection, entry to the highly esteemed Club Lacoste, and a host of other privileges.

Notably, Lacoste has implemented a rewarding system where existing NFT holders can claim points through the UNDW3 dashboard. These rewards serve as a token of appreciation for the dedicated members of the community, with their worth tied to both the length of time they have held the NFTs and the quantity they possess. Furthermore, participants have the opportunity to enter weekly raffles, presenting chances to win NFTs and branded merchandise as coveted prizes.

The inaugural season of the program will take place from June 28 to December 23, offering extravagant rewards to the top 200 participants. To illustrate the magnitude of these prizes, the first-place winner will be awarded an exclusive trip for two to Paris by Lacoste, which includes a tour of their facilities and factory. Prepare yourself to venture into a new realm of Web3 fashion and acquire those NFTs to embark on your exciting journey.

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