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Melania Trump enters NFT space with her collection

Melania Trump pic with NFT written in the background
Melania Trump pic with NFT written in the background

Melania Trump took to her Twitter account to reveal the sale and guided prospective buyers to the USA Collectibles website. Besides the “1776 Collection,” the website also presents “POTUS TRUMP” NFTs, showcasing images of the former president and Melania Trump. While the NFT website doesn’t explicitly state it, there are reports indicating that a portion of the proceeds will contribute to Fostering the Future, an initiative under Melania Trump’s “Be Best” resource program, which aims to support foster children.

The Trumps have made quite a mark in the NFT industry over the past couple of years, becoming almost synonymous with it. Melania Trump took the lead by releasing her NFT in December 2021, teaming up with executives from Solana Labs. Following in her footsteps, in 2022, Donald Trump unveiled his widely acclaimed digital trading card collection, which involved selling 45,000 NFTs on the Polygon network for $99 each. These NFTs presented exciting opportunities for exclusive perks, including the chance to dine with the former president or participate in a group Zoom conference with him.

Although subject to initial mockery, the collectibles experienced a complete sellout within a mere 24 hours, attracting significant interest from both the NFT community and the general public. Resale values skyrocketed, reaching peak prices exceeding $1,000 per card on secondary markets. As of now, the NFTs have amassed sales exceeding $20 million in total.

Following a release of 47,000 additional NFTs by Donald Trump in April, the initial set experienced a considerable decrease in value. As a result, the original Trump digital trading cards are currently available on secondary markets, starting at approximately $185 worth of ETH. Meanwhile, the second set of NFTs enters the market at around half of their initial mint price, which amounts to approximately $54 worth of ETH.

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