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Explore Yourself With Agoria’ Dual Avatar Transformations

AGORIANS Avatar Collection on The Sandbox
AGORIANS Avatar Collection on The Sandbox

Sébastien Devaud, more popularly recognized in the Web3 community as Agoria, is a versatile creative individual with a diverse skill set. He encompasses roles such as a DJ, composer, record producer, and digital artist. Notably, he’s acclaimed for his science-inspired generative creations known as BioGenArt, which evoke the sensation of living entities.

Agoria is bringing his love of music, digital art, and physical experiences to the metaverse through his partnership with The Sandbox.

On its official HeyMint page, The Sandbox presents the AGORIANS Avatar Collection as “the first-ever Web3 avatar collection that brings the deeper meaning of duality to life through dynamic appearances,” changing its appearance every six hours to correspond with day and night cycles. This compilation is poised to be actualized through a range of associated quests and rewards, which includes a pool of more than 100,000 SAND tokens available for participants. The characters within the Agorian collection showcase a diverse array of characteristics and notably promote inclusivity for LGBTQ+ and minority communities. This initiative aligns with Agoria’s overarching vision of establishing a “safe space for the transcendence of our virtual selves.” 

During a discussion with NFT Now, Agoria shared the backstory of their collaboration, noting that it all began when Sebastien Borget, one of the co-founders, began collecting their artwork on SuperRare and Foundation back in 2021. With the involvement of his partner Arthur, they extended an invitation to Agoria to perform at the Sandbox events during NFC Lisbon and the Cannes Film Festival, which turned out to be an incredibly enjoyable experience. Agoria added that Bertrand Levy, the CEO of The Sandbox, was highly impressed by Agoria’s vision of blending art, science, music, and entertainment within the metaverse. This enthusiasm from Levy ultimately led to the project receiving the green light.

Agoria, a night owl, explained that the dynamic nature of the avatars in his collaboration with The Sandbox is inspired by his belief that our true selves come out at night. He said, “People are more sincere by night than by days.” He added that during the day, we are shaped by our responsibilities and obligations, but at night, we are free to be ourselves. Agoria decided to make his avatars “double” to reflect this duality of human nature. During the day, the avatars will have a more professional appearance, but at night, they will transform into their true selves. This is a way for Agoria to celebrate the freedom and authenticity that comes with being yourself.

Agoria said that he came up with the idea for the {One Life Two Bodies} game when he was questioning the difference between the real and the virtual world. He wanted to design a game that could not exist in the physical world, but that would also be a place to reconcile body and mind, physical and digital.

The Sandbox introduced Agoria to Julien Carbon, a fantastic scenarist, and together they came up with the mandala idea for the game. The mandala is a symbol of unity and connection, and Agoria wanted the game to be a place where people could come together and connect on a deeper level. Agoria said that he loves collaborating with Julien Carbon and other brilliant minds. He said that being creative is all about being inspired, and he is grateful to be surrounded by people who inspire him.

Agoria acknowledged that delving into the intersections of the physical and digital realms is a relatively fresh endeavor for him, but one that he’s genuinely enthusiastic about. He specifically expressed his anticipation for features such as quests and rewards, which will trigger tangible benefits for users. These rewards encompass perks like lifetime VIP access to his performances, exclusive entry to forthcoming BioGenArt exhibitions, and additional exciting offerings.

People who want to get an avatar from the AGORIANS Avatar Collection can either wait for the public mint on August 30th, or meet the criteria listed in the X post by Agoria to be included in the early access mint on August 29th.

Since patience is not a virtue in the Web3 space, there is something from Agoria that can be checked out right now. A dynamic artwork and collaboration with HOFA that is in the vein of Refik Anadol. Agoria said that he has been playing at Scorpios Mykonos for a few years, and that it is like a sanctuary and a haven for him. Agoria added that he was grateful to be able to combine his two disciplines of art and music in this project, and that he was honored to follow in the footsteps of Refik Anadol. He also explained that the piece is meant to raise awareness of the dangers surrounding our oceans and ecosystems.

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