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Celebrate 30th Anniversary Of Power Rangers With Funko

Green Ranger's NFT & physical figure
Green Ranger's NFT & physical figure

Power Rangers fans and collectors are excited to hear that Power Rangers and Funko have partnered again to release a new line of products. This is the first time the two companies have worked together in five years, and the timing is perfect, as the new products will be released in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise on August 28th.

The 30th anniversary celebration of the Power Rangers franchise kicked off with the release of new Funko Pop! vinyl figures of the original Rangers. The lineup also included the long-awaited Ranger Slayer figure, which was previously only available as a prize in the initial series of NFT Digital Pop!s. The Ranger Slayer is a popular character from the Boom! Studios comic series, and her inclusion in the Funko Pop! line was met with excitement from fans and collectors alike.

Funko periodically releases Digital Card packs that showcase new Pop! designs for characters that have not yet been released. The packs are available for purchase on the Droppp platform. Each pack contains five digital cards. The cards are randomly generated and can feature any of the characters that have been released as a Pop! figure. Each pack has a chance to include a surprise: lucky recipients can win a physical version of the Pop! featured in the NFT. The first wave of these packs included exclusive Pop! releases of characters like Zordon and Scorpina.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of Series 2 of the Power Rangers Funko Digital Pop! NFT packs on August 22nd, 2023 at 11am PT. This upcoming wave will focus on the 1995 film “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie,” which features unique characters and suit designs that have not been seen since. The film’s merchandise was limited during the 1990s, mostly consisting of repacked or repainted MMPR items. However, Hasbro is stepping up to release a wide range of figures for the movie, which has piqued the interest of fans.

While the complete range of NFT characters is yet to be unveiled, early glimpses of a selection of physical Pop! figures that can be acquired from the packs have sparked enthusiasm. These intriguing previews encompass characters like Ninjetti Tommy, Billy, Kimberly, Aisha, and Freddy Funko portrayed as Ivan Ooze. Noteworthy is the most uncommon piece in the collection, Dulcea, which also signifies the inaugural merchandise release highlighting the character.

Fans and collectors who want to get their hands on these highly sought-after items should set August 22nd as a reminder. The NFT packs will be available for purchase at $9.99 for 5 NFTs and $29.99 for 15, with a limit of 22,500 units per pack. Since Funko’s NFT releases tend to sell out quickly, eager buyers should be prepared for the 11am PT launch to maximize their chances of getting their hands on these exciting movie-inspired collectibles.

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