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AI & Art Collide at MakersPlace’s Hackathon

AI generated art
AI generated art

MakersPlace is organizing an unprecedented AI Art Hackathon, marking a significant milestone in the realm of digital art. As a pioneering platform for rare and genuine digital fine art, MakersPlace is spearheading the fusion of groundbreaking AI-generated art with traditional artistic expressions. This remarkable event will unfold at NFC Lisbon on June 7-8, attracting esteemed artists such as BLΛC, Illustrata, DVK the artist, and DigitalCoy, who will collaborate with a talented lineup of creators including Trevor Jones, Hackatao, Coldie, Sasha Stiles, and many others.

Expanding on their recent launch of the AI Generative Art category, MakersPlace remains at the forefront of supporting artists in the AI art domain. The forthcoming hackathon exemplifies a unique partnership between human creators and advanced machines. MakersPlace actively advocates for the utilization of AI technology as a creative tool and collaborative ally throughout the artistic journey.

At the AI Art Hackathon, esteemed artists BLΛC, Illustrata, DVK the artist, and DigitalCoy will draw inspiration from a poem authored by Sasha Stiles. This evocative poem, which is accessible for purchase on MakersPlace and licensed under CC0, serves as a catalyst for their creative exploration. Attendees of the event will have the unique opportunity to witness the live creation of art, immersing themselves in the dynamic and captivating artistic process. Once the artworks are completed, they will be auctioned as exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces on MakersPlace, commencing from June 15, 2023.

As part of the creative journey, Trevor Jones and Hackatao will introduce enigmatic artifacts into the art creation process, adding an element of surprise and pushing the participating artists to think quickly and adapt. These intriguing sketches, credited as collaborative efforts with Trevor Jones and Hackatao, are subsequently made available as Limited Editions for purchase during NFC Lisbon. Collectors have the unique opportunity to acquire these tangible artifacts, providing them with a special connection to the creative process.

An integral participant in the AI Art Hackathon is the esteemed Coldie. Widely recognized and awarded for its mastery of stereoscopic 3D art, Coldie assumes the role of curator, skillfully weaving together the artworks of the participating artists into a harmonious collage. To bring these sketches to life, Coldie harnesses the artistic capabilities of Artmatr’s innovative MATR robot, which meticulously paints the physical works with robotic precision. The culmination of this process results in a unique physical artwork, adorned with the signatures of Coldie, Trevor Jones, and the collaborating artists. Additionally, Coldie embarks on a creative remixing journey, transforming the physical versions of the artists’ one-of-one pieces into captivating digital stereoscopic “phygital” artworks. These remarkable creations will be made available for sale in the near future, specifically in late July or August of 2023.

Those who acquire Open and Limited Editions by Sasha Stiles or the Limited Editions by the four collaborating artists, together with Trevor Jones and Hackatao, will enjoy exclusive privileges and advantages.

Conversely, the 1/1 editions participate in a raffle for an opportunity to win the aforementioned 1/1 artwork crafted by Coldie at NFC Lisbon. The snapshot for the raffle will be captured on Friday, June 23, 2023.

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