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NFTs into Space

Space-based NFT
NFTs to space

Axiom Space, a private spaceflight company, tapped street artist turned digital creator ThankYouX to contribute art for their most recent mission. ThankYouX, also known as Ryan Wilson, possesses a unique artistic style that skillfully combines traditional elements with futuristic design. Axiom Space discovered ThankYouX’s keen fascination with space and subsequently approached him to collaborate on the project.

The artwork titled “Urge for Perfection” by ThankYouX embarked on a remarkable journey into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on May 21. After spending approximately 15 hours on the rocket, the painting successfully docked at the International Space Station, where it experienced zero gravity during the crewed mission. In celebration of this momentous occasion, ThankYouX released an open edition NFT to immortalize the event. Furthermore, once the painting reenters Earth’s atmosphere, ThankYouX intends to auction it off.

Web3 is all about innovation. It’s no surprise, therefore, that NFT artists are already looking for ways expand outside our Earthy domain.

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