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Understanding ZenAcademy’s Upcoming PFP Collection


The highly anticipated ZenAcademy’s PFP is just around the corner, and here is all the essential information you need to know. As the launch of ZenAcademy’s PFP approaches, it’s important to take a closer look at the components that form their network.

First and foremost, ZenAcademy introduces Student IDs, which are provided free of charge, have no limit, and remain with holders indefinitely. This initiative demonstrates their commitment to fostering an inclusive community that prioritizes education above all else. Moving on, we have the more exclusive tiers known as ZenChests and The 333 Club. In order to acquire a ZenAcademy PFP, individuals are required to burn a ZenChest. The highest tier, The 333 Club, is a prestigious category limited to just 333 members. These fortunate individuals were able to claim 3 ZenChests during ZenAcademy’s transition from ERC-1155s to ERC-721s in December.

Once the PFP is disclosed, ZenChest owners have the option to burn their chest to unveil their PFP. It is crucial to understand that each ZenChest corresponds to one PFP. Furthermore, holders who still possess their original letter can burn it whenever they wish to burn their chest and reveal their PFP.

Pondering, a skilled digital artist and animator hailing from Thailand, is the creative mind behind the captivating PFP. Recognizing his talent, ZenAcademy selected him as one of their esteemed artists for the 12 Days of Zenmas. Additionally, Pondering has also contributed his artistic expertise to design the ZA tokens, which encompass Student IDs, ZenChests, and 333 Club cards. As the countdown to the ZenAcademy PFP launch commences, make sure to stay tuned and prepare yourself for the exciting revelation.

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