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Candy Digital & MLB Commemorate All-Star Week

MLB's Virtual Ballpark
MLB's Virtual Ballpark

For the third consecutive year, Candy Digital, a digital collectible platform, is collaborating with Major League Baseball (MLB), the MLB Players Association, and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum to celebrate All-Star Week. The focal point of the week’s activities is the 2023 MLB All-Star Game, where attendees will receive digital memorabilia, accompanied by an opportunity to win tickets to the 2023 World Series.

In commemoration of the launch of MLB Virtual Ballpark, the league’s metaverse, and the online watch party for the MLB All-Star Celebrity Softball Game, attendees were informed last week that they would be receiving a special digital ticket crafted by Candy Digital. Furthermore, on July 11, all Mastercard users who have purchased and attended the 2023 MLB All-Star Game will have the opportunity to redeem an exclusive digital ticket at this location.

Until July 31, MLB enthusiasts have the opportunity to mint a complimentary 3D MLB All-Star collectible baseball. By doing so, fans will be automatically entered into a sweepstakes where they have a chance to win two tickets to the 2023 World Series.

“During 2022 MLB All-Star week, close to 10,000 of Candy’s digital collectibles provided baseball fans with innovative and fun ways to collect and celebrate the biggest moments in MLB, and we’re thrilled to be supporting one of the highlight events of the season again — the 2023 All-Star Game,” said Scott Lawin, CEO of Candy Digital of the platform’s past collaboration with MLB.

“For this year’s event, all game attendees will have the opportunity to mint a special and limited edition commemorative ticket, sponsored by Mastercard, free of charge at Our intention is for these digital collectible tickets to offer fans a fresh means to preserve their memories and enhance their bond with MLB and their beloved MLB players.”

The collaboration also encompasses the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, where commemorative digital tickets will be available during this year’s Induction Ceremony, honoring esteemed baseball players Scott Rolen and Fred McGriff. Starting from July 10 and continuing through 2023, visitors to the Baseball Hall of Fame Museum will have the opportunity to acquire these digital mementos.

As part of an extended collaboration, Candy Digital and the official MLB statistician, Elias Sports Bureau, are joining forces to present the Candy Code Breakers Challenges, commencing on July 10. Each week, fans will have the chance to utilize their MLB digital collectibles to participate in baseball trivia quizzes and earn rewards, such as exclusive digital packs and autographed merchandise.

About Candy Digital

Candy Digital has a track record of collaborating with non-Web3 native companies to develop their NFT (or, as referred to by the Candy team, digital collectible) ventures. They have previously partnered with notable media entities such as Netflix’s Stranger Things, prominent sports brands like MLB and the WWE, and the renowned image and photography titan, Getty Images, achieving substantial success. The philosophy of Candy Digital aligns with that of Reddit, emphasizing minimal usage of jargon and concentrating on digitizing things that people already hold interest in, in a straightforward and easily accessible manner.

During 2023, Candy Digital underwent substantial corporate reorganization. In January, the sports merchandising firm Fanatics disclosed its decision to divest from Candy Digital, selling its 60 percent ownership to a group of investors led by Galaxy Digital. This transaction occurred shortly after a round of layoffs at the collectibles platform. In June, Candy Digital made an announcement regarding its merger with Palm NFT Studio, aiming to accelerate the creation of digital experiences for prominent brands such as Warner Bros Discovery, NASCAR, and others.

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