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Tokenproof enables 11 lucky fans to experience Paris Hilton’s show

"ICONS ONLY" concert poster with Paris Hilton wearing sunglasses in the background
"ICONS ONLY" concert poster with Paris Hilton wearing sunglasses in the background

Tokenproof, a renowned web3 experiential wallet and blockchain authentication platform, has revealed its involvement in creating an exhilarating opportunity for Paris Hilton fans. Notably, fortunate holders of the 11 most distinctive 1/1 avatars from her prestigious 11:11 Media collection will be rewarded with a complimentary ticket to the exclusive “ICONS ONLY” show. This remarkable feat is made possible by tokenproof’s cutting-edge authentication technology.

Prepare for an unforgettable evening at the “ICONS ONLY” show, where Paris Hilton will grace the stage with her timeless hits and debut exclusive, never-before-heard tracks. It’s remarkable to note that the show sold out within a mere three minutes. With tokenproof’s seamless verification process, owners of the one-of-a-kind 1/1 Paris Hilton avatars can effortlessly prove their ownership upon arrival, guaranteeing a hassle-free entry to the performance. This straightforward authentication not only ensures a smooth experience but also highlights tokenproof’s dedication to bridging the gap between Paris Hilton and her devoted community.

In addition, tokenproof has garnered acclaim for its proactive efforts in enabling communities and brands to foster deeper connections with their fan bases. This is done by facilitating the curation of exclusive experiences and perks for their most loyal supporters. It has established notable partnerships with renowned entities like Adidas, GQ3, 9dcc, and World of Women.

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