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Louis Vuitton unveils ‘VIA Treasure Trunk’ NFT Experience

Louis Vuitton's 'VIA Treasure Trunk' NFT
Louis Vuitton's 'VIA Treasure Trunk' NFT with hot water springs flowing from mountains in the background.

Louis Vuitton, the renowned luxury fashion brand, is set to launch an NFT release featuring its iconic Trunk, known as the “VIA Treasure Trunk.” This exclusive NFT offering acts as a gateway for collectors of LV, granting them privileged access to immersive experiences and limited edition drops scheduled throughout the year.

The LV Trunk has gained worldwide recognition for its iconic trunk-style luggage, playing a pivotal role in establishing and elevating the brand’s reputation. Since its introduction in 1858, LV luggage has made a lasting impact with its distinct square shape and stackable structure. Setting itself apart from the prevailing rounded-top luggage of that era, the LV Trunk was purposefully designed to allow water to run off, showcasing its functional and innovative approach.

To acquire a Louis Vuitton NFT, you can follow a specific process. The collection comprises several hundred digital trunks, and you can register on a waiting list for access starting from June 8. If you are selected, you will gain entry to the VIA portal on June 16. The participation cost for this exclusive opportunity is €39,000, approximately $42,000. Subsequently, the Louis Vuitton NFTs will become available for resale on various NFT marketplaces.

Kindly note that participation in the Louis Vuitton NFT offering is limited to specific countries, including the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and Australia.

In addition, holders of these tokens will not only possess a digital representation of the VIA Treasure Trunks but will also receive a physical replica of the trunk. This physical item will serve as a key, granting them access to forthcoming Louis Vuitton products and immersive experiences.

Previous Collabs

Louis Vuitton has been at the forefront of adopting web3 technologies and NFTs, demonstrating a proactive approach. In March 2019, Louis Vuitton’s parent company, LVMH, became a member of the Aura Blockchain Consortium, alongside esteemed luxury brands such as Cartier and Prada. The primary objective of this consortium was to champion transparency and traceability by advocating for a universal blockchain solution that would benefit all luxury brands.

Furthermore, in August 2021, Louis Vuitton introduced Louis the Game, a noteworthy free educational experience designed to educate users about the rich history of the company.

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