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The Simpsons ‘Tree House of Horror’ Promotes NFTs Via Poster

The Simpsons Tree House of Horror XXXIV Poster
The Simpsons Tree House of Horror XXXIV Poster

Attention all aficionados of The Simpsons and NFTs, brace yourselves for the haunting comeback of Treehouse of Horror XXXIV this Fall. The much-anticipated Halloween special has just been teased with a poster unveiling its three spine-chilling stories. Adding to the excitement, the poster showcases some beloved ‘blue chip’ NFTs, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and Doodles. Departing from its usual realm, The Simpsons ventures into the realm of NFT promotions, and anticipation runs high as we eagerly await the outcome.

The legendary Treehouse of Horror specials have consistently delighted fans throughout the animated sitcom’s long history. The recently unveiled poster, teasing the three thrilling stories and featuring NFTs, has generated immense excitement. While the extent of NFT collections’ involvement remains a mystery, this presents a remarkable opportunity for our cherished Web3 assets to captivate a worldwide audience.

Circle the date on your calendars and get ready for some chills and thrills as The Simpsons embark on a new Halloween adventure. Whether you’ve been a loyal fan for years or are just joining the excitement, this NFT-packed promotion has generated a buzz on Twitter. The anticipation is palpable as we eagerly await what the creators have prepared for us this time. Stay tuned for more exciting Simpsons content and prepare for a delightfully spooky experience!

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