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List of the Best Solana NFT Marketplaces

In 2021, the sales volume of non-fungible tokens increased from $200 million to $20 billion, a significant increase. That was a massive shift in NFT sales volume, and 2022 will be the year that NFT truly takes off.

The Ethereum Network powers the vast majority of the NFT art and marketplace, and one of Ethereum’s biggest drawbacks is the exorbitant gas fees that relate to minting NFTs. The NFT market in Solana has risen as a result of the increased gas prices.

Solana’s inexpensive gas fees and lightning-fast transaction speeds make it a popular choice for NFTs. On the Solana Ecosystem, new NFT projects with Metaverse and Play-to-Earn game roadmaps are always available on a daily basis. There are many Solana NFT Marketplaces now.

Solana can only be available on exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. Afterwards, you will need to move your Sol from your exchange to a wallet that works with Solana. After that, you will be able to purchase your first Solana NFT from the marketplace. Research the NFT project thoroughly before purchasing your NFT. The Best Solana NFT Project is available for viewing.

Solana Solana has become increasingly popular in 2021, mostly due to a large price hike. As of this writing in October 2021, cryptocurrency has gained approximately 8000% year to date.

Solana’s blockchain’s exponential growth in non-fungible tokens is mostly responsible for this. Users could mint NFTs for free or at a very low cost, and hundreds of projects took off. This was the main reason why many favored it over Ethereum.

Here are some of the Best Solana NFT Marketplace

Eden of Magic

NFT Marketplace MystiqueEden is the most popular Solana NFT marketplace, where you can easily make, sell, and buy NFTs. They do not charge a listing fee, but rather a 2% transaction fee on all transactions. Creators have the ability to set their royalties, which are fees-based, soon after a sale occurs.

The products and services that are available in the Magic Eden Launchpad are in presentation to assist creators in minting their collections without the need for technological expertise. At the moment, they are only accepting a small number of projects into their program.

Magic Eden is compatible with practically all Solana wallets, including Phantom, Slope, Sollet, Solflare, Clover, Ledger, Solong, and MathWallet, among others.

From Galactic Geckos to Shadowy Super Coders, DAO to Portals, and a slew of other popular NFT projects and collections, Magic Eden has it all.

Solanart NFT Marketplaces

Solanart is an NFT marketplace that uses the Solana network as its foundation. Anyone can manufacture, trade, and buy Solana-based NFTs.

For each successful NFT sale, Solanart charges a 3% transaction fee.To choose their own price, the creator has the option to

The Degenerate Ape Academy, Aurora, Solpunks, and Galactic Gecko Space Garage NFT collections by Solanart are all well-known.

The number of wallets depends on the Solanart, Solflare, and Slope.

Solsea, Solana’s first NFT marketplace, allows NFT creators to sell, mint, and purchase NFTs on Solana’s first NFT marketplace. The NFTs introduced by Solsea also have a rarity rating and are compatible with SPL token NFTs.

You will never be out of the loop again thanks to the calendar feature in Solsea. Basis, markets, all. Solsea, ART Circle, and Meta Waifus are all part of Solsea’s successful NFT collection.

For the first time ever, the pioneers and early adopters of NFT art will be on display at Solsea’s First 100 Virtual NFT Art Fair.

Solsea is compatible with the Phantom, Solflare, and Sollet Solana Wallets, as well as many others. They charge 3% of successful NFT sales for each transaction. 

The royalties due to the creator can be handled via Solsea. As long as an artist sets their own royalties, the money they make from each sale is theirs.


Open NFT marketplace is where users can manufacture, sell, and buy Solana’s NFTs. Anyone can use it because it is open source and free.

The most popular NFT collections on DigitalEyes include Aurory, Degenerate Ape Academy, Frakt, and Galactic Gecko Space Garage.

Using the Mint Calendar, you can keep track of upcoming NFT releases and launches.

DigitalEyes supports Phantom, Sollet, Solflare, Solong, Slope, and MathWallet wallets.

DigitalEyes typically charges 2.50 percent of each successful NFT transaction as a service fee, which is the industry standard.

The inventor provides a specification of a royalty fee and a service fee for the buyer of the NFT, which must be paid by the buyer.

Metaplex NFT Marketplace

A Metaplex is similar to a shopping cart for your NFT collection. You should avoid putting your NFT on the open market where it will have to compete with a large number of other NFT ventures.

Your project can be on display in accordance with the guidelines and standards of the marketplace, which could be a significant disadvantage for your company.

With the help of Metaplex, you will be able to launch your own brand storefronts. The Megaplex shop has a link to a strong decentralized program that mints and sells NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. For every successful NFT transaction, you may be able to avoid paying marketplace fees.

A slew of successful Solana-based NFT projects, including Degen Ape Academy, Solana Monkey Business, Genopets, Nyan Heroes, and Oddkey, are available on Metaplex in recent years, and they are all available on the platform.

Solana Art is a breakthrough NFT marketplace that allows users to buy and sell Solana-based NFTs at the present moment.

It is not necessary to pay a listing fee on They charge a flat seller fee of 2%, which is in collection at the time of the transaction. did not support minting in their marketplace. Solana Phantom, Slope, Solflare, Ledger, and Sollet are some of the Solana wallets that are dependent.


Everyone can participate in the Solana NFT Marketplace by focusing on 1/1 art and independent creators, which is open to everyone.

The Exchange.Art marketplace offers hand-picked art collections, sets, illustrations, photography, painting, algorithmic arts, profile pictures, and banners, as well as AI arts, 3D arts, and other types of artwork.

Exchange.Art does not charge a fee for listing artwork. They charge a fee of 2.5% for each successful transaction. There is no charge for purchasing, but you a fee is sometimes a requirement for the Solana Network service.

The Exchange Creators Portal is a completely integrated dashboard for artists and creators that allows them to effortlessly post and manage collections for their whole brand.

Phantom, Solflare, Slope, Torus, Ledger, Blocto, and Sollet are some of the wallets that are dependent.

It is the world’s first decentralized NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain. is an open marketplace for discovering and collecting one-of-a-kind works of art (NFT).

It costs 0.00001 Sol or 0.000005 Sol to complete each transaction, depending on the type of transaction. offers free listing and minting; the only fees charged are those associated with the blockchain. If the transaction is successful, a 2% fee is understandable responsibility for all purchases on Solana. currently supports the Phantom wallet as a payment method. 

In addition to user auctioning, rarity filtering, and Discord/Telegram notifications for marketplace activity, Solport is an NFT marketplace is dependent on its foundation on the Solana blockchain that offers a variety of features.

Solport does not charge a listing fee or a refunding fee at the present time. Solport charges sellers a 2% fee for all successful transactions completed through the platform. features top Solana projects such as Realm Kings and Mutant Monkey Business, among others.

There are just two wallets that depends on Solport Marketplace: Phantom and Solflare, both of which are cryptocurrency exchanges.

SupaDrop NFT Marketplace

This Solana NFT Marketplace has dedication and solely works for independent creators who have authentic and uncommon digital art, as well as user experience and a strong sense of community.

It supports a wide range of assets (AR/3D, video, audio, HTML, and images) that are dependent to Supadrop, for which they offer minimal minting fees of 0.01 SOL ($1.6) and 0.03 SOL ($4.8).

Platform fees are 2.5% for both the primary and secondary markets.

Every week, they participate in the Artist Drop Part Session, which allows them to display their artwork on Supadrop.

Milky Way

This Solana NFT Marketplace serves as both a marketplace and an aggregator, allowing you to find all Solana NFTs in one convenient location. Milky Way is a list of every Solana NFT project that has been on the list of a third-party marketplace, as well as information about the project’s list price and other details.

They have amassed more than 2 million Solana NFT on their platform, according to the company.

Milky Way has no listing fees, no creator fees, and only a 2% transaction fee per transaction.They are in favor of royalties, which can be established by the creators themselves.

LIQNFT NFT Marketplace

LIQNFT is the world’s leading marketplace for fractionalized nonferrous metals. Using Solana’s fractionalized NFT marketplace, you will be able to list your NFT on the most accessible and efficient NFT marketplace on the internet.

You may be able to sell a portion of your NFT. Liqnft is the only marketplace you need to be concerned with at this time.

At this time, LIQNFT does not impose a fee for transactions. When an order is matched, Serum charges a taker fee of 0.22%, which is now the highest rate in the industry.

Phantom, Solflare, Torus, Ledger, Solong, MathWallet, and Sollet are among the wallets that are supported.


The RabbitHole Market is an NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain where you may buy and trade confirmed NFT collectibles. It is operated by RabbitHole Trading.

They do not charge a listing fee, but they do charge a commission of one percent on each successful transaction.

The Phantom wallet is the only one that they are currently supporting at this time.

The Bad Side of Solana and the NFT Marketplace

Solana, on the other hand, must deal with unavoidable setbacks. Because there are not as many validators of the blockchain as there are high-profile blockchain projects, the protocol is subject to centralization.

Solana’s one criticism leveled against Solana is that anyone on the network can become a validator, but doing so is difficult due to the large amount of computational resources required.

As a result, the protocol is still labeled as a beta mainnet; specific flaws, codes, and delays may still be present. Despite this, initiatives like Solstarter, Serum Swaw, and Raydium continue to join the network in some capacity.

In addition, the network had two significant failures in September. The second outage lasted for several hours until all network validators had upgraded their versions.

Solana is a high-performance blockchain that drew the attention of the community despite its drawbacks.

A number of the industry’s most well-known figures have pledged their support to it, and despite some difficulties, it appears to be on the correct path to expansion.

For several DeFi applications, Solana quickly rose to prominence and was at the heart of the NFT boom in 2022.

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