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Vaynersports NFT Craze: Vaynersports Pass was Sold Out!

VaynerSports Pass (VSP) NFTs have already been sold out.

Gary Vaynerchuck created VaynerSports Pass NFT. With this, fans can connect with their favorite athletes’ thanks to this app’s goal of connecting them to them. This project assists leagues like the NFL, MLB, Combat, Gaming, and NIL. More than a hundred athletes have boarded the ship as well.

With the VaynerSports Pass, fans can connect with athletes in a meaningful way and form closer bonds, and access world-class sporting events that would otherwise be out of their reach. For NFT and sports fans alike, the pass provides unrivaled utility, collectability, and continued value through partner project mints, which holders can mint for just the cost of gas.

In the last seven days, VSP NFTs were purchased 6415 times. VSP generated $12.31 million in revenue. One VaynerSports Pass VSP NFT costs $1.9k to buy and use as of a few weeks ago. There are currently 6,306 VaynerSports Pass VSP owners out of 15,555 tokens in circulation.

How Does VaynerSports Pass Work?

Buying the VaynerSports Pass cost 0.155 ETH, which included 15,555 NFTs. Passes may feature 0 to 4 sports icons. A wide range of sports, from baseball to MMA to esports, basketball, golf, hockey, soccer, tennis, and volleyball, are included. 

Semi-stealth was how it was described when the team decided to launch the initiative. They wanted to get the project off to a good start after nearly a year of planning.

The project’s main objective is to provide the community with access and utility. Unlike many other NFT projects, VaynerSports Pass does not have a publicly accessible Discord server. Instead, there will be a Metalink community that only members can access. Members will be able to participate in events and giveaways and receive exclusive content through this particular community.

Members-only live feeds and various physical and digital experiences are all part of the plan. Pass holders have access to discounts, freebies, tickets to sporting events, and exclusive VaynerSports gear. Major sporting events, such as the Super Bowl and the World Series, are included in the VaynerSports Pass, purchased in advance. To select a small number of winners, a raffle will be held. Additionally, VaynerSports athletes will be available for one-on-one virtual hangouts.

Access is not guaranteed even if you have a VaynerSports NFT Pass. As far as the project is concerned, it has a giant hand. However, VaynerSports will always prioritize its athletes, partner artists, and fan experiences over all else.

Final Thoughts: What is Next?

VaynerSports NFT Pass has already surpassed 0.4 ETH on its first day of operation, an impressive start. There have been 2,900 ETH or about $9.7 million in sales volume on OpenSea, where the project is listed. It also has a population of 6,100.

It was no surprise that VaynerSports is cashing in on the growing market for non-traditional sports teams. With the help of VaynerSports, fans can connect with their favorite athletes in new and exciting ways. According to the project’s current traction, it has a bright future ahead.

Their 2022 goals include minting VSP partnership coins and selling VaynerSports NFT. The Metalink community will also be launched at this time. Exclusive digital and live sporting events and the first-ever VSP mint will be available to VSP holders in Q3. 

For the year’s final quarter, members can expect new digital experiences, a World Series ticket giveaway, and other sports-related activities.

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