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Slimesunday Introduces “The Great Purge” To Reinvigorate NFTs 

Burning NFTs to receive Slimesunday artwork
Burning NFTs to receive Slimesunday artwork

In the midst of the current state of the market, Slimesunday has unveiled a daring new venture named “The Great Purge,” as the digital realm navigates the opportunities and obstacles presented by NFTs.

Upon venturing into the realm of NFTs in 2020, Slimesunday became part of a growing community of trailblazing early adopters, artists, and visionaries. Among these pioneers were notable figures like Pak, Coldie, Trevor Jones, Hackatao, Josie Bellini, XCOPY, as well as the creators of CryptoPunks, Matt Hall and John Watkinson. This group stood at the forefront, creating digital art that transcended traditional platforms.

Slimesunday recounts being profoundly touched by observing these artists in motion, grasping the revolutionary aspect of NFTs long before they gained widespread acclaim. “There was something profoundly wholesome about witnessing these artists operate ahead of the curve, grasping the transformative nature of this technology long before it became a buzzword,” he wrote in a Twitter post. “They were the trailblazers, laying the groundwork for the explosion of creativity and commerce that would follow in the years to come.”

Nevertheless, with the rise of NFTs into the mainstream spotlight, Slimesunday observed substantial transformations taking place within the landscape. A fresh trend emerged with Profile Picture (PFP) initiatives such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club. These digital collectibles morphed into symbols of status and avenues for investment, captivating the interest of celebrities, influencers, and the media.

Nevertheless, this upsurge in focus came with its drawbacks. The formerly close-knit and authentic community of pioneering artists and passionate enthusiasts swiftly evolved into a fast-paced, profit-oriented market. NFTs began to resemble commodities in the stock market, characterized by quick trades, rapid turnovers for financial gains, and a departure from their core artistic essence.

Furthermore, the surge of scams, imitations, and questionable endeavors took advantage of the unbridled enthusiasm of newcomers. A realm that was once defined by innovation, creativity, and camaraderie suddenly found its core values eclipsed by avarice, deceit, and a focus on immediate gains.

In a bid to address these issues, Slimesunday has launched “The Great Purge.” This creative initiative aims to eliminate harmful participants from the arena, with the goal of reviving the initial principles of integrity, creativity, and togetherness that once defined the NFT realm. You have the opportunity to engage in a symbolic purification of the space by disposing of certain “valueless” NFTs from your collection—those tied to scams or unsuccessful ventures. The purge is set to commence on August 21st.

As a token of appreciation, those taking part will be rewarded with an NFT representing a deeper significance: a dedication to “excellence, genuineness, and the inherent essence of pioneering creativity.” Each NFT will showcase an artwork by Slimesunday. The specific artwork remains undisclosed as of the publication date. He said, “Anyone can participate, as long as you have NFTs in your wallet,”. “It will be through Manifold on BASE.”

Slimesunday aims to emphasize that NFTs hold significance beyond passing trends or mere avenues for financial gain. They embody revolutionary technology capable of empowering artists, fostering genuine connections, and ushering in a fresh era of digital ingenuity. While engaging in this endeavor is not obligatory, Slimesunday expresses appreciation to those who find value in it and opt to offer one of his artworks to support the initiative.

Slimesunday said, “There’s a massive quantity of NFTs that has been left behind by people who literally just disappeared after they made some money”. “Focus on the people who are still here actively trying to bring value and rid yourself of everyone who wronged you.”

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