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Animoca Partners CyberConnect For Networking In Mocaverse

5 different tribes "Mocas" of Mocaverse
5 different tribes "Mocas" of Mocaverse

CyberConnect and Animoca Brands, two prominent players in the realm of Web3 and digital property rights within gaming and the open metaverse, have formalized a memorandum of understanding (MoU). This collaborative effort is focused on creating a decentralized social framework for Mocaverse, a crucial element within the broader Animoca Brands ecosystem.

Established by a group of Silicon Valley innovators in 2021, CyberConnect has become a driving influence in the decentralized sector. The recent enhancement to version V3 brought about the introduction of CyberAccount, acclaimed as the first-ever scalable and thoroughly tested ERC-4337-powered smart account in the Web3 realm. As of July 26, 2023, this innovation was the foundation for 90% of all fresh smart contract wallets. The impact of their contribution has been substantial. As of August 2023, they amassed 1.2 million user profiles and facilitated more than 16.3 million transactions across 400,000 active wallets per month.

Animoca Brands has introduced Mocaverse, an innovative initiative designed to act as a central nexus for the diverse array of endeavors undertaken by the company. This encompasses portfolio projects, subsidiaries, collaborative initiatives, and external partnerships. Mocaverse seamlessly unifies multiple ventures and includes an exclusive NFT collection consisting of 8,888 distinctive Mocas. These NFTs go beyond mere digital art; they function as membership cards, symbolizing affiliation with the vibrant Animoca Brands community.

The partnership between Animoca Brands and CyberConnect aims to set a precedent for the evolving Web3 social network landscape. Both entities are enthusiastic about creating a fundamental framework that paves the way for user-centered products and applications. These resources are crafted to empower individuals, enabling them to seamlessly navigate through their chosen applications without the need to reconstruct their networks repeatedly.

Embracing smart accounts fueled by ERC-4337 offers Web3 developers a valuable asset, streamlining the intricacies often tied to cryptocurrency wallets. This guarantees a user experience that mirrors the user-friendliness of Web2. Applications seamlessly incorporated with CyberAccount will afford users entry to games and services offered by Animoca Brands and its affiliated enterprises through an all-encompassing smart account system.

Current options like MetaMask, which enable developers to engage with a crypto-savvy user base, might not fully support the integration of customized user experiences. The collaboration between the social graph and users’ CyberAccount expedites the development process, leading to quicker product introductions and the exploration of untapped user groups. Through this innovative ‘super account’ approach, Animoca Brands has articulated its ambition to boost adoption rates and provide developers with an efficient user onboarding mechanism.

In the upcoming months, Animoca Brands is poised to roll out CyberAccount support throughout the Mocaverse platform. This incorporation provides users with the capability to seamlessly transfer their comprehensive social networks, spanning friends, fans, followers, and connections, to their preferred applications. The partnership between CyberConnect and Animoca Brands holds the promise of reshaping the decentralized application realm and ushering in enhanced user experiences.

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