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PROOF To Send Moonbirds NFTs On Lunar Mission

Moonbird NFT with Space Helmet trait
Moonbird NFT with Space Helmet trait

Moonbirds, the exclusive collection by PROOF, is embarking on a lunar journey, as the art collective unveils its ambitious mission to transport all 254 Moonbirds possessing the distinctive “Space Helmet” trait to the moon.

On November 15, 50 lucky Moonbirds collectors with the rare “Space Helmet” trait will be invited to the Kennedy Space Center to watch the launch of their Moonbirds NFTs into space. Afterwards, they will attend a black-tie gala event. A select few of these collectors will also receive special mission jackets, with more available for purchase.

In essence, a time capsule containing 222 iconic works of art, music, film, and historical artifacts will be sent to the moon in November’s mission. The project is organized by web3 marketing agency CreativeDepartmint and art curator Space Blue.

Named the “Lunaprise Museum,” this lunar mission is dedicated to safeguarding the essence of human history, culture, and artistic expressions through digital archives set to touch down on the moon. The Museum is set to be included in NASA’s IM-1 Lunar Lander mission, signifying NASA’s initial return to the moon in more than five decades, facilitated by a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket.

The Lunaprise Museum will exclusively showcase the Moonbirds collection as the sole profile picture (PFP) digital art collection. The 254 Moonbirds possessing the distinctive “Space Helmet” trait will undergo precise engraving onto robust nickel plates, which will be preserved on Lunaprise disks alongside other digital artworks. This preservation will involve the creation of 11 physical twin duplicates originating from Earth, thus ensuring the enduring commemoration of these artistic accomplishments on the lunar landscape.

“We’re honored for Moonbirds to be a part of this historic mission to preserve art and capture humanity,” said Kevin Rose, co-founder and CEO of PROOF.

Within the Lunaprise Museum, there is another distinct collection known as the “Humanity Hall of Fame.” This collection employs the use of words and photographs, meticulously engraved onto durable nickel plates and preserved through digital archiving, with the specific aim of offering future civilizations an insight into the way our society lived and cherished its experiences.

The Lunaprise Museum is a physical museum on the moon, but people will also be able to experience it virtually starting in late 2023. The Lunaprise Metaverse Museum will be an immersive experience that allows people to explore the museum from anywhere in the world.

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