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Grant Yun’s Artwork Lone NFT In Sotheby’s Sale

Grant Yun's NFT
Grant Yun's NFT

According to a tweet from Michael Bouhanna, Vice President and Head of Digital Art at Sotheby’s, the artwork titled “The Last Supper” by artist Grant Yun is scheduled to be auctioned in Sotheby’s upcoming Contemporary Curated sale. This inclusion marks a noteworthy milestone in both the realms of art and digital assets.

In a collection of over 300 captivating artworks, Yun’s creation is the only one that represents the Web3 space. Yun will present his unique piece both physically and digitally, and it will be the only non-fungible token (NFT) among the other physical masterpieces.

Initiated in 2013, the Contemporary Curated series extends invitations to individuals hailing from diverse creative fields, empowering them to choose artworks that align with their personal artistic inclinations, shaped by their involvement in fashion, cinema, music, and beyond. The current season’s curator is NBA All-Star Kevin Love, renowned for his passion for art collection and philanthropic endeavors. Past curators have featured notable names like Kelly Rowland and Virgil Abloh.

Yun’s “The Last Supper,” created in 2022, is a captivating composition centered around 13 cows standing in front of a cattle gate. Yun’s signature green, blue, and white palette imbues the piece with a unique and vibrant energy.

Yun said, “My practice draws from many art movements from over the past two centuries”. He added “My work in itself is built on a foundation of realism yet explores nuanced and subtle themes focused on guiding viewers through their own personal emotions, reflections, and memories. “ “Jesus Christ this might be my fav piece I made all year,” Yun tweeted in November 2022.

The physical 1/1 version of the artwork will be jointly presented by the auction house and Avant Arte, a curated platform for discovering and owning art. Avant Arte utilized UV flatbed technology on a canvas measuring 33.5×59 inches to create Grant Yun’s piece. Yun’s participation in this prestigious auction serves as a reaffirmation of the increasing recognition of digital artworks within the conventional art sphere. It also underscores the ongoing transformation of artistic creativity through the fusion of traditional and digital art forms.

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