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Some of the Most Successful Fundraising Efforts By NFT Projects

Many NFT projects opt for some fundraising campaigns to gain some capital during their initial stages. Let’s check out some of the most successful fundraising campaigns by NFT projects.


You’ve probably heard about NFTs becoming one of the next big things in the digital world. Non-fungible tokens, as the full name goes, are a way to attach scarcity to digital items—thus creating value. This allows for them to be bought, collected, traded, invested in and so forth. But since they’re also non-tangible, this concept can sometimes be a challenge to wrap your head around.

However, these NFT projects need proper funding for marketing and other operations. This is done with the help of various fundraising campaigns and efforts that may or may not be successful. In this post, we will come across some top NFT projects that ran the most successful fundraising campaigns in the crypto space.

Some of the Most Successful Fundraising Efforts By NFT Projects

NFTs for Ukraine

We all know the current situation in Russia and Ukraine. The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflicts have spawned one of the most urgent humanitarian crises we’ve seen in modern history. Many people have come forward to help Ukrainians with some donations. Many Ukrainians, including the government, are seeking funds with the help of NFTs. Since Russia first opened hostilities with Ukraine in late February 2022, these projects have cumulatively raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.

NFTs for animals

In April 2022, the World Wildlife Fund was able to raise a significant amount of funds in the short amount of time it was active — almost $300,000. Another wildlife conservation group that turned to NFTs was the team behind Project Unextinct. It aims to give donors an inside look at the progress of the first group of birds released back into the wild.

NFTs for healthcare

In May 2021, Noora Health successfully sold its NFT named “Save Thousands of Lives NFT.” The NFT sold for 1.3k ETH — valued at $4.4 million at the time. With this funding, the organization was able to create health literacy programs for families. By improving health literacy, Noora Health hopes to save thousands of lives via the most effective cure in healthcare: prevention.

NFTs for charity

If you want to know about some of the biggest NFT projects in the space, a simple search on OpenSea will give you a brief overview. Thankfully, most of these high-grossing projects also make it a point to allot percentages of their sales as donations to partner institutions. Projects like Bored Ape Yacht club have donated nearly a million dollars as of November 2021 to their charity of choice: Orangutan Outreach.

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