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MNTGE Launches Phygital NFT Collection

MNTGE NFC-enabled Fruits & Veggies jeans
MNTGE NFC-enabled Fruits & Veggies jeans

MNTGE Patchwork, a collection of NFC-enabled physical patches, is set to be launched by MNTGE with great anticipation. The collection features a limited edition selection of patches, each meticulously crafted by 11 renowned contemporary artists, including notable names such as Jen Stark, Olive Allen, Seneca, and Scott Campbell.

MNTGE’s Patchwork collection stands out due to its incorporation of NFC technology, providing a unique and exceptional experience. By acquiring patches through OpenSea, customers can exchange them for physical patches embedded with NFC chips. These chips not only offer foolproof authentication and the ability to digitally autograph the patches but also grant exclusive access to private events like gallery viewings through token-gated entry. Moreover, the MNTGE team has ambitious plans to introduce a digital asset interlinking initiative, enabling traceability for personalized items and establishing distinct digital identities for each patch.

Additionally, MNTGE Patchwork builds upon the achievements of previous releases, such as the rapid sell-outs of MNTGE Pass and the highly sought-after Fruits & Veggies jeans. Prepare yourself to access a realm of unparalleled experiences. The collection is set to debut on July 27th, featuring an artist presale, a presale exclusive to MNTGE Pass holders, and a public sale.

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