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Mackenzie Turner driving Roblox Fashion revolution

Mackenzie Turner Roblox 'Hey Cuties' avatar
Mackenzie Turner Roblox 'Hey Cuties' avatar

In collaboration with Mackenzie Turner, a prominent content creator with a million subscribers, DRESSX, the leading meta fashion retailer, has joined forces to launch an exclusive digital fashion collection on Roblox. This collection features three unique items: a delightful cotton candy bomber jacket, a charming heart-shaped bag, and an adorable ‘Cuties’ necklace.

Significantly, these fashion pieces make use of Roblox’s groundbreaking Layered Clothing technology, allowing for hyper-realistic and inclusive 3D clothing that perfectly fits any avatar, regardless of their body type. Moreover, DRESSX is providing a limited quantity of complimentary ‘Cuties’ studded water bottle accessories.

Renowned for her widely viewed YouTube videos showcasing Roblox gameplay, Mackenzie Turner adds a lively and distinctive flair to the DRESSX fashion collection on Roblox. Infusing her unique style and eccentric personality, she introduces captivating items in shades of pink, purple, and blue that truly reflect her individual fashion sense.

Having started her Roblox-focused YouTube channel in 2020, Mackenzie has garnered an impressive subscriber base of over 1.8 million. Moreover, she has amassed millions of followers across diverse social media platforms. Her merchandise line, ‘Hey Cuties,’ has also achieved remarkable success.

In an exciting partnership with DRESSX, Mackenzie now extends her iconic style to the metaverse, enabling her fans and followers to embrace her distinct fashion sense within the realm of Roblox. The DRESSX Mackenzie collection is now accessible for purchase in the Roblox Avatar Shop, offering a noteworthy feature of being wearable in all experiences across the platform.

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