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Memeland’s Token Launch Nears

Memeland by 9GAG written on top of it's web3 ecosystem.
Memeland by 9GAG written on top of it's web3 ecosystem.

On Monday, the CEO of 9GAG, known as 9GAGCEO, took to Twitter to tease the upcoming launch of the MEME token. This token aims to create a distinctive ecosystem by seamlessly integrating Memeland’s NFTs.

Taking advantage of the evolving regulatory landscapes worldwide, Memeland’s token launch has been strategically timed. While the United States faces uncertainties in terms of regulations, Hong Kong is actively fostering a crypto-friendly environment, creating a favorable climate for Memeland. This advantageous position enhances Memeland’s potential to establish itself as a sustainable participant in the NFT market.

Prior to the official launch of MEME, the impact of Memeland’s token was already evident in the trading activities on the platform. Notably, Memeland’s NFTs such as Captainz and Potatoz witnessed significant fluctuations in trading volume.

Based on NFT tracking by DappRadar, the Captainz NFT collection witnessed a remarkable surge in trading volume on June 8, generating an impressive $1.15 million and experiencing a 365% increase within a single day. On the other hand, Potatoz’s trading volume reached its peak on June 10, surpassing $244,000.

Furthermore, the inclusion of unclaimed waitlist codes with Potatoz and Captainz NFTs played a significant role in maintaining their floor prices. These codes serve as an additional incentive for potential buyers, adding value to the NFTs.

Moreover, the distinct social staking mechanism of Memeland revolves around its NFTs, forming the foundation of the platform. Looking ahead, Memeland’s strategic initiatives, ranging from the well-timed token launch to the implementation of social staking, are positioning it as a standout player in the NFT industry.

In summary, Memeland is poised to revolutionize the NFT ecosystem with its upcoming token launch, adaptable approach to regulatory changes, and distinctive trading dynamics. These factors combined position Memeland as a transformative force within the NFT landscape.

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