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Gala Games & Elixir Games Launcher Unite For Web3 Gaming Expansion

Gala Games & Elixir Games logos with game covers in the background
Gala Games & Elixir Games logos with game covers in the background

Gala Games, a leading player in the realm of Web3 gaming, has joined forces with Elixir Games Launcher, a distribution platform, in an effort to enhance the reach of their blockchain-based games. The primary goal of this collaboration is to bring greater exposure to cutting-edge blockchain games and offer a wider audience the chance to enjoy these revolutionary titles. The partnership commences with the integration of Town Star and Spider Tanks into the Elixir Games Launcher, with the promise of introducing additional games in the coming days.

Elixir Games Launcher is set to host thrilling weekly gaming events, complete with exclusive rewards and appearances by special guests from Elixir Partners. This program caters to content creators and streamers who focus on gameplay from the platform’s available games. These exciting game nights present an opportunity for players to dive into their beloved titles within a competitive setting, connecting with fellow gamers and industry influencers to foster a vibrant sense of community and excitement.

Spider Tanks, a thrilling player-versus-player (PVP) brawler, empowers players to personalize their tanks using an extensive selection of parts and participate in adrenaline-pumping 3v3 battles. On the flip side, Town Star presents an enchanting town-building and farming simulation game that delivers a fulfilling experience in crafting and overseeing virtual towns.

In this extensive partnership, Elixir Games commits to operating a specialized node to strengthen the Gala Games network. Through this contribution to the network’s infrastructure and decentralization, Elixir Games aims to elevate the gaming ecosystem’s security and sustainability, ultimately offering players a more dependable and secure gaming environment.

The collaboration between Gala Games and Elixir Games Launcher marks a major milestone in broadening the influence of Web3 gaming and demonstrating the vast potential of blockchain-based games in the constantly evolving gaming industry.

This partnership assures players of captivating gameplay experiences, exciting weekly gaming nights, and enhanced network support, all of which are poised to captivate players and fuel the expansion of the Web3 gaming community.

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