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Bandai Namco Expands Into Blockchain Gaming with Virtual Pet Game

Bandai Namco & Oasys logos representing collab
Bandai Namco & Oasys logos representing collab

Bandai Namco, the gaming industry giant known for iconic franchises like Pac-Man and Tekken, has entered the realm of blockchain gaming by unveiling an AI-powered virtual pet game. Collaborating with Oasys, a gaming-focused blockchain network, and Japanese startup Attructure, Bandai Namco Research has introduced the RYUZO game, which showcases a collection of NFT-based digital creatures called RYU.

Remember the viral sensation of Tamagotchis in the 90s? RYUZO adopts a similar concept, where players care for and interact with their virtual pets. However, RYU takes it a step further with the integration of artificial intelligence, offering a more advanced and interactive virtual pet experience. When a RYU hatches, it becomes a soulbound token, ensuring its uniqueness and preventing its transfer or sale.

Additionally, RYU creatures exhibit individual personalities and gain access to diverse abilities as a result of user interactions. With the help of AI, players can feed and race their pets, observing the creatures learn and evolve over time. The application allows players to create entire generations of pets, offering a dynamic and engaging experience.

Before the game’s official launch, a total of 10,000 digital NFT eggs, named MARYU, were airdropped to holders of Oasys’ initial series of NFTs in the “Oasyx” project. This move generated anticipation and enthusiasm within the gaming community. The nurturing phase of the game is planned to span a year, promising a continuous and ever-changing experience for players.

Apart from RYUZO, Oasys has announced its intentions to engage in exciting collaborations with renowned game projects. Among these collaborations is a crossover event with the well-known blockchain game, Brave Frontier Heroes. This partnership signifies a promising outlook for blockchain gaming and suggests the possibility of more thrilling NFT releases in the near future.

Bandai Namco’s participation in the blockchain gaming realm reflects the growing enthusiasm of the industry towards embracing Web3 technology. It is worth noting that Bandai Namco’s venture into blockchain gaming is not an isolated case in the industry. Other major game publishers, including Ubisoft, are also actively creating their own blockchain games, which underscores the expanding possibilities of this cutting-edge gaming landscape.

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