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Etihad Airways Unveils Mission Impossible Livery Digital Collectibles

Benefits of Mission Impossible livery NFTs
Benefits of Mission Impossible livery NFTs

Etihad Airways, the flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates, is about to venture into the realm of NFTs by introducing its Mission Impossible Livery tokens. This step demonstrates the airline’s dedication to utilizing blockchain technology to enrich customer experiences and interactions.

Incorporating Web3 technology to enhance customer service, the airline established by UAE president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan joins the ranks of conventional institutions. They plan to introduce Mission Impossible Livery tokens on the Polygon network, scheduled to be minted on August 1, 2023.

A limited quantity of 300 Mission Impossible Livery tokens will be up for sale, offering purchasers a plethora of exclusive advantages and privileges as NFT holders.

Token holders can acquire Etihad silver tier status for a 12-month duration at the cost of 299 USDC (0.156 ETH). This esteemed status bestows upon them exclusive access to specialized airport check-in services, a generous 25% bonus on miles earned across all Etihad Airways flights, and numerous additional perks.

Aside from receiving the silver tier status, NFT holders will be granted entry into the Etihad NFT Virtual Club, a digital community that presents exclusive experiences and rewards. Furthermore, holders can stake their NFTs to accumulate guest miles, allowing them to travel to more destinations without incurring any extra expenses.

Additionally, NFT holders will be provided with the chance to acquire personalized merchandise through Etihad Web3 partners, enriching their collection of digital assets.

In a gesture of gratitude, Etihad Airways extends a variety of rewards and collectibles to Mission Impossible Livery token holders. These exceptional offerings encompass limited-edition Mission Impossible livery models, Manchester City jerseys, and aircraft models. By providing these distinctive items, the airline strengthens the tangible bond with its brand, instilling a feeling of exclusivity among NFT holders.

Etihad Airways’ latest move in the Web3 technology sphere is not their initial endeavor in this realm. In 2019, the airline took its first steps into the blockchain world by teaming up with the Swiss startup Winding Tree, aiming to improve its internal information systems.

Continuing to build upon their progress, Etihad Airways achieved a successful debut of their inaugural NFT project, ‘EY-ZERO1,’ in 2022. This remarkable collection showcased ten intricately designed 3D aircraft models, each featuring distinct Etihad Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner liveries.

In the ever-evolving realm of blockchain and NFT technology, Etihad Airways emerges as a pioneering force within the airline industry. By harnessing the potential of NFTs, the airline is at the forefront of offering its customers distinctive and immersive experiences, reinforcing its brand presence in the dynamic Web3 space.

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