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Doodles & Crocs Collaborate For Phygital Footwear Collection

Doodles x Crocs Classic Clogs and Jibbitz charms on it with Doodles pack behind it.
Doodles x Crocs Classic Clogs and Jibbitz charms on it with Doodles pack behind it.

The lifestyle and entertainment brand, Doodles, and the internationally renowned casual footwear company, Crocs, have collaborated to bridge the gap between the physical and digital domains. Their partnership aims to introduce a collection that merges classic fashion with contemporary technology, with the official release scheduled for August 29th.

The Doodles x Crocs Classic Clogs are the centerpiece of the collection. They are accompanied by Jibbitz charms designed by Burnt Toast, the co-founder of Doodles. Each clog bundle also comes with a redeemable “Crocs Box” digital collectible. This collaboration is a testament to Doodles’ commitment to bringing Web3 to the masses, while also providing its loyal community with exclusive products.

Julian Holguin, CEO of Doodles said, “We’re beyond excited to announce our collaboration with Crocs. Partnerships rarely get more organic than this one. Our unique style and characters lend themselves so well to the Crocs brand and footwear”. He added, “We’ve enjoyed working with a team that doesn’t shy away from innovation and pursuing new ways to deliver fun products and experiences.”

Buyers of the Doodles x Crocs Classic Clog Bundle will receive a Crocs Box digital collectible. This collectible can be opened to reveal two Doodles Wearables and a Beta Pass. The Beta Pass provides early entry to Doodles’ Stoodio, an immersive platform for creating and customizing Doodles characters. Within Stoodio, collectors can adorn their Doodles avatars with the latest range of Crocs wearables. The wearables enclosed within each Crocs Box come in different rarity levels, and each design is hand-drawn by the creative team at Doodles.

“Together, we’re offering a unique collection that draws on our collective innovation and devoted fanbases that bridge the physical and digital worlds.” Heidi Cooley, Senior VP and CMO of Crocs, shared in a statement.

The Doodles x Crocs Collection will be available to everyone on the platform on August 29th. However, Doodles’ Original Collection digital collectibles holders will get early access on August 28th. They will also get a discounted price of $99, while the price for non-holders will be $120.

This collaboration with Doodles is a mutually beneficial partnership that will benefit both brands. For Crocs, it is a step forward in their journey into Web3, as it allows them to reach a new audience and embrace new technologies. For Doodles, it is an opportunity to gain mainstream recognition and boost their brand awareness.

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