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Understanding Ether NFT Project

Ether NFT
Ether NFT

Following two years of continuous effort, the Ether project is reaching its culmination as it prepares to make its highly anticipated entrance.

In an important development, Ether has officially initiated the initial phase of minting. It should be noted that the minting on June 30 is restricted to those on the allowlist. While the reveal of PFPs is still pending, enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the commencement of the public sale, scheduled to launch in a week’s time.

The NFTs are priced at 0.65 ETH for the public sale, but for allowlist holders, the mint price is reduced to 0.35 ETH or can be obtained for free by agreeing to a 10-week lockup period.

In an update on July 2, the project team announced a revision to their initial plan of a 10,000 token supply. Citing “current market conditions and sentiment,” they decided to reduce the supply to 5,555 tokens.

The revised supply breakdown consists of 5,555 NFTs, with 3,678 allocated for the public, 1,627 generated from the allowlist mint phase, and 250 held in the treasury. As of the time of this publication, the allowlist mint phase of the project has concluded, and the public mint is scheduled to commence on July 9.

The proceeds generated from the minting process will be employed to expand the Ether team and transform their ideas into reality. Seventy percent of the funds will be allocated to the project’s treasury. Within this portion, 20 percent will be allocated for team operations to ensure seamless functioning and sustained development, while the remaining 10 percent will be donated to charitable initiatives.

Although the Ether team has decided to maintain anonymity at present, certain details about the founders have come to light. The artist and founder, visionofviii, has already gained a significant following in the digital art sphere, having collaborated with esteemed brands like Sony, Nike, and Epic Games. On the other hand, CV (CValley), the co-founder, initially joined the team as an advisor and is recognized as a prominent trader.


Ether aspires to establish its identity as a luxury brand, employing the power of storytelling to craft an enthralling and immersive journey for collectors within the realms of anime, fashion, and music.

Ether presents a collection of 10,000 distinctive collectibles, evenly distributed between 5,000 male and 5,000 female characters. These collectibles encompass a wide range of themes, including 50 percent human, 30 percent mecha, 19 percent vampire, and a rare 0.95 percent corrupt character archetype. In addition, the collection features five exclusive one-of-a-kind 1/1 characters and over 500 distinct traits, allowing collectors to enjoy a multitude of customization options and unique combinations.

As Ether strives to solidify its standing as a prominent contender in the realm of digital luxury brands, attention turns to its performance and the market’s response.

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