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Tyler Hobbs & Indigo Celebrate Gen Art’ Anniversary With Community Mints

QQL's Generative Art
QQL's Generative Art

On August 30, generative artist Tyler Hobbs and Indigo (Team Dandelion) acknowledged the QQL community in anticipation of QQL’s first anniversary on September 28. Since its launch, QQL has accomplished remarkable feats, including generating over 30 million images through its platform and nearly half a million favorites.

Coming from Austin, Texas, Hobbs has gained significant recognition for his renowned Fidenza NFT collection. Additionally, he is recognized for his joint venture into generative art, QQL, with Dandelion Wist. His distinct method seamlessly combines algorithms, plotters, and paint, yielding captivating visual pieces that harmonize computational accuracy with the delightful, unpredictable charm found in the natural world’s chaos and beauty.

What initially started as a conceptual exploration by Hobbs and Wist on harnessing emergence in generative art has evolved into something more profound. It has transformed into an opportunity for artists and curators to create art and produce NFTs that embrace emergence, unpredictability, and serendipity instead of artificial rarity. This project empowers collaborators to immerse themselves in fine-tuning the tailored algorithm while refining their artistic sensibilities and personal preferences.

QQL’s exhibitions, collaborations, and artistic expressions have challenged our traditional understanding of generative art. From five-foot-tall paintings at the Pace Gallery in New York City to the innovative Seed Marketplace, where users can buy and sell “seeds,” to the recent release of QQL prints, the project has pushed the boundaries of what is possible with generative art.

The online exhibition “QQL: Parametric Expression,” in collaboration with Pace Verso, featured established artists alongside emerging talents from the Web3 community. The exhibition showcased the diversity of possibilities offered by QQL’s algorithm, and it helped to introduce generative art to a wider audience.

Celebrating First Anniversary

As the lively and creative QQL community prepares to celebrate it’s first anniversary, Hobbs and Team Dandelion have promised a joyous occasion for the project’s two upcoming events:

  • September 26 – QQL Metaverse Tour at 6:00pm ET
  • September 28 – QQL Live Mint Party at 7:00pm ET

QQL owes its success to its thriving community, which has taken the algorithm’s potential to new levels. This vibrant community has played a pivotal role in shaping the perception of QQL’s capabilities, transforming it into a hub for awe-inspiring artwork.

At the heart of the celebrations lies the development of an exclusive collection of “Community Mints” that exemplify the skills and commitment of the QQL community members. These remarkable QQLs are generated from select mint passes and offer official prints that can be collected by anyone within the community. Nevertheless, the accessibility of QQL prints is limited to the parametric artist (the seed creator), the minter, and the current owner.

Hobbs and Indigo will offer 30-minute “portfolio reviews” via video call to mint pass holders who are interested in receiving feedback on their preferred seeds. These reviews will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

As part of the festivities, a special group called the “QQL Council” will be established. This council consists of highly skilled QQL community members who have showcased their artistic talents through remarkable QQL creations. They will offer valuable advice and knowledge to pass holders, assisting them in enhancing their QQL artworks to achieve perfection. The current representatives of the QQL Council on Discord are scottrsmith, Simulacrum#0768, simplyanders, barryw., alohi.eth, .heeey, kregdao, and grammarerror.

The highlight of the festivities will be a special guided tour of a metaverse exhibition, followed by the Live Mint Party on September 28.

  • The exhibition will feature the QQL Analogs, the Parametric Expressions collection from Pace, and a double-curated collection of some of the greatest QQLs created by the community.
  • The Live Mint Party will be an exciting event with real-time commentary and the unveiling of the Community Mints. The party will be held on Tyler’s Discord server and promises to be an immersive and unforgettable experience.

For individuals eager to start their creative journey with QQL, this anniversary celebration offers the perfect chance. The thoughtfully planned events capture the true spirit of QQL – a dynamic and collaborative community brought together by a common love for artistic expression. As the 1-year milestone of QQL approaches, the community buzzes with growing anticipation and enthusiasm, symbolizing the start of an exciting new phase in the algorithm’s creative expedition.

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