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“Sony Files Patent for NFT Framework Enabling Transfer, Use, and Sale of Digital Assets Across Video Games”

Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a Patent for NFT Framework. It aims to establish a stronger framework for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in its video games and consoles. “NFT Framework For Transferring And Using Digital Assets Between Game Platforms”, is the title of the patent. It explores the potential for NFTs to use and transfer between video games. Players are able to enjoy the benefits across multiple games.

The Patent for NFT Framework notes that current systems are insufficient for players to use their assets across different games. Sony proposes a system that uses NFTs to provide specific benefits to select players. Such as unique weapons or rewards for being the first to beat a particular boss in a game. The Patent for NFT Framework suggests a player’s progress, such as level, score, and points accumulation. It can mint and transfer or sold via NFTs.

However, the article questions the fairness of this system. In particular cases where games press and influencers often receive early access to titles. Transferring gameplay or skipping parts of games for intangible digital rewards is against the essence of gaming, which is to have fun.

It remains unclear how these NFTs will be meaningfully implement. It is given that the hype around this technology has waned significantly in recent years. Moreover, the benefits outlined in the patent may not be enticing enough to justify the potential loss of goodwill that may arise from their inclusion. Only time will tell what Sony has in store for NFTs.

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