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“Phygital Trend Set by First Real-World NFT Stores”

Fastex, a prominent player in the business and crypto world in the Middle East and North Africa region, has made waves by launching the world’s first physical NFT Store, an ftNFT shop in Dubai. This innovative store has received widespread recognition for its unique concept, welcoming staff, and exceptional customer service.

Following the success of its first phygital shop, Fastex has recently announced the opening of another physical ftNFT shop in the Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall. The ftNFT store provides a one-of-a-kind physical NFT experience for customers, making purchasing an NFT a social experience in the real world.

Visitors to the store can enjoy a guided tour of the vast library of NFTs available in the ftNFT marketplace, choose their favorite digital art piece, and take it home. The ftNFT store’s in-store activities, such as a DJ cabin, a 3D-scanner-supported “avatar booth,” and physical pendants of digital NFT collections, enhance the shopping experience and facilitate direct interaction with the digital world.

In addition to its exceptional shopping experience, the ftNFT shop also provides a platform for artists to easily add their NFTs to the ftNFT marketplace. For anyone looking to present their first NFT to the world, the in-store 3D NFT scanner offers a quick way to create a digital counterpart of any physical appearance.

Fastex has scheduled an opening ceremony for the Dubai Mall ftNFT shop in March 2023. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the rich NFT catalog firsthand. Fastex offers a comprehensive Web3 ecosystem with various services, such as digital asset exchange, payment gateway, staking, and decentralized finance.

While the foundation for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has been laid in the digital universe, buying or selling NFTs has primarily been an online practice. However, online shopping lacks some key aspects of the overall buying or selling experience that customers crave. According to numerous reports, people still prefer to shop at physical stores and require on-site experts when in-depth information is needed about a particular item. Additionally, NFTs serve as status symbols for their owners, with 74% of respondents buying them for their conferred status, according to a recent study.

The ftNFT shop, the first NFT retail store to open in Dubai, bridges this gap and brings the necessary social aspect directly to the customer. With such unique locations set to welcome tens of millions of foot traffic annually, Dubai has the potential to become the next step of NFT evolution. The physical experience is poised to become the common standard for NFT enthusiasts worldwide.

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