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OnCyber’ Free Tool Unleashes Community Creativity

OnCyber's virtual environments
OnCyber's virtual environments

OnCyber, a Web3-based multiverse for creators, has recently released an update that allows users to create and share their own virtual environments. This update is designed to harness the collective creativity of the broader Web3 community.

To get a better understanding of the new WORLD BUILDER tool, we interviewed OnCyber’s founder and CEO, Rayan, to get his perspective on the platform’s continued adoption and success. This discussion helped us to appreciate the significance of OnCyber’s origins.

“OnCyber was started in early 2021, with the premise of being the easiest place to showcase NFTs through immersive experiences,” he explained, adding “While other metaverse platforms allowed people to create within their ecosystem, none had a user experience that truly allowed all newcomers to participate,” as these platforms required either capital or complex design skills.

Rayan further explained that “From its inception, OnCyber quickly grew into a cultural phenomenon in Web3, being used to showcase some of the most impressive artworks and collections in CryptoArt, amounting to around $1.5b of assets value [via purchases] displayed by their owners or creators in OnCyber worlds.”

The CEO of OnCyber, who is also a CryptoPunk and art collector, said that the platform quickly became a place to socialize after they introduced a chat feature and user-controlled avatars. Since then, OnCyber has been the go-to platform for a variety of significant immersive experiences, such as Takashi Murakami’s Gagosian exhibition ‘An Arrow through History’, RTFKT’s Space Pods, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and more.

One of the best things about OnCyber’s virtual worlds is that they are permanent. Even after the physical counterparts have been lost to time, the virtual worlds will still be there, available to visit and relive memories. The platform’s new WORLD BUILDER tool makes it even more powerful. Now, anyone in the Web3 community can create their own virtual worlds, limited only by their imagination.

The term “open-source” is often used in the Web3 community, but it is not always clear whether people are being sincere or not. However, in the case of OnCyber, they have made their new tool available for free, which has tapped into the collective creativity of the Web3 community. This is in line with the open-source principles, which state that software should be freely available and modifiable by everyone. This should accelerate the adoption and growth of virtual spaces.

Discussing the latest tool, Rayan expressed, “Ever since the start of OnCyber, the mission has been to offer the easiest tools to build immersive experiences in the browser.” He elaborated that in the initial version, this was achieved by having architects design fixed templates that users could utilize “as-is”. Nonetheless, this approach sacrificed flexibility and often restricted access due to either limited availability or payment barriers. Rayan added that “With world building, our community is now able to bring their imaginations to life in a more realistic and immersive way.”

In the short time since its launch, OnCyber’s WORLD BUILDER has been embraced by creators, UX designers, and architects. These users have been using the tool to create a wide variety of virtual worlds, from personal galleries to official exhibitions. Whether you need a space to gather for a keynote or just watch a YouTube video with friends, OnCyber is the place to be.

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