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NounsDAO Gives the Go-Ahead for a Feature-Length Film Focused on NFT Characters

NounsDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization in the Web3 community, is venturing into a new creative endeavor. The organization has passed a proposal to create a Feature-Length Film on NFT Characters. This marks a significant move for the NFT space, as no other decentralized organizations have committed to producing high-quality, feature-length films.

To bring the feature-length film on NFT characters to life, NounsDAO has partnered with Atrium, a network of independent Web3 artists and creators. Atrium’s creatives, including William Yu, HKJay, Zen Doubt, 3DPrint Guy, and Meta Ent, will write, produce, and animate the film. The film will be created in multiple stories acts that can be pieced together to “form the first feature-length cinematic content introducing Nouns to the world.” The budget for the first installment has been set at $125,000.

The pilot for the film is expected to be revealed in 90 days, after which NounsDAO will decide whether to continue funding the project. Nouns members will also have the opportunity to submit story arcs and ideas for future installments. This approach allows for the creation of continually evolving episodic content that can be funded through consecutive proposals, according to Atrium.

It’s worth noting that Atrium’s 3DPrintGuy has already created a short film with funding from a previous NounsDAO proposal. All significant characters from the short were released as collectible NFTs. The NounsDAO community has also approved other creative endeavors, including a comic book series with book publisher Titan Comics and the NFT community ComicsDAO.

Additionally, the Australian Open tennis tournament has collaborated with NounsDAO, OnCyber, and Vayner Sports Pass to release its second ArtBall NFT collection. These partnerships showcase the growing popularity of NFTs in the entertainment industry and the potential for Web3 communities to expand their ecosystems through creative collaborations.

Overall, NounsDAO’s foray into feature-length animated films demonstrates the organization’s commitment to innovation and its ability to push boundaries in the NFT space. As the project develops, it will be exciting to see how the decentralized organization leverages its community’s creativity to create an immersive cinematic experience that introduces Nouns to a wider audience.

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