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Karl Lagerfeld & Bosa Merge Fashion With NFT For Tribute


Karl Lagerfeld and Bosa launched a limited-edition NFT collection on the designer’s birthday, September 10, as a tribute to his lasting legacy. The partnership between Lagerfeld and Bosa emerged from a mutual dedication to upholding tradition and maintaining the highest standards in craftsmanship.

Lagerfeld, a German fashion designer, began his career in the 1950s and worked for several top fashion houses, such as Balmain, Patou, and Chloé. In 1983, he became the creative director of Chanel, where he remained until his death in February 2019. He was known for his signature rock chic style, which included white hair, black sunglasses, fingerless gloves, and an all-black clothing.

Bosa, a highly regarded ceramics workshop located in the picturesque Venetian countryside, has gained international acclaim for its exquisite handmade creations. The collaboration between Bosa and Karl Lagerfeld embodies a strong commitment to craftsmanship and a deep appreciation for the art form. This alliance guarantees that every piece produced is one-of-a-kind, easily recognizable, and crafted with utmost excellence.

The House of Karl Lagerfeld, with over 120 stores worldwide, combines the late designer’s iconic vision and design aesthetic with a modern, forward-thinking spirit. The Maison’s portfolio includes Parisian-inspired classics with a rock-chic edge, such as ready-to-wear fashion for women, men, and children, as well as accessories such as handbags, small leather goods, footwear, fragrances, eyewear, and more.

The KARL LAGERFELD X BOSA collection presents a pair of unique ceramic sculptures meticulously crafted using 24-carat gold and platinum paints. These artworks offer a fresh perspective on the iconic image that instantly identified Karl Lagerfeld, celebrating his extraordinary design and creative abilities.

In celebration of this new partnership, a special preview event took place on September 7 at the Karl Lagerfeld flagship store in Paris and exclusively on KARL.COM. The collection will subsequently be accessible on the website and in Karl Lagerfeld boutiques located in key cities such as Paris, London, Munich, Vienna, and Milan, as well as select Bosa retailers worldwide.

The “POP KARL” sculpture, envisioned by Elena Salmistraro, brilliantly captures the essence of Lagerfeld’s wit and playful nature. Employing a vibrant color palette and juxtaposing elements, Salmistraro’s creation forms a dynamic and vibrant portrayal of Lagerfeld’s personality.

Conversely, “ROCK KARL” by Nika Zupanc draws inspiration from Lagerfeld’s rock-chic fashion sense. This sculpture portrays Lagerfeld in his iconic black suit, white shirt, and dark sunglasses, accented by a touch of color on the lace collar and brushed gold-toned fingerless gloves.

Both sculptures have dimensions of 41cm in height and 18cm in width. Moreover, Lagerfeld’s NFT collection is extended with the introduction of two exclusive digital assets inspired by the “POP KARL” sculpture, commemorating Lagerfeld’s lasting impact.

These NFTs, launched in partnership with DEMATERIALISED, come in two limited editions: an initial release and an ultra-exclusive version, each paired with a physical representation of the figurine.

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