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HerVoice NFT Collection Launches in Celebration of Women’s History Month to Empower and Elevate Women Globally

It’s great to see the rise of women creators and founders in the Web3 space who are using their skills to help other women create wealth and have ownership over their work. The use of NFTs for humanitarian efforts is also gaining traction, as seen in the example of NFT artists mobilizing the community to provide aid to victims of the earthquake on the Turkish-Syrian border.

Melissa Jun Rowley, founder, and CEO of Warrior Love Productions also use NFTs to spotlight the achievements and solidarity of women in Web3 through her new NFT collection called HerVoice. The collection consists of 3,905 NFTs representing the 3.905 billion women in the world, with each NFT combining the creativity of multiple artists to create poetry, dance, and animated shorts.

Revenue generated from the sales of the HerVoice NFTs collection will go towards Web3 education events and programs supporting women and girls run by the international nonprofit CARE, which operates in more than 100 countries. HerVoice NFT collection holders will also get VIP access to CARE events and specialized content and performances, and some will even get a chance to visit CARE’s on-the-ground programs.

With the help of Web3 platforms like SOLIS Market, making an impact on meaningful causes is becoming more transparent and accessible via digital collectibles. It’s inspiring to see the potential of blockchain technology to create positive change for all parts of society.

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