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Gambulls NFTs: The Revolutionary Disruption of Online Gambling

Gambulls, an online crypto casino, has recently announced that they will be combining online gambling with NFTs. The company plans to release 6,673 NFTs on March 31, 2023, through Magic Eden. The goal of the Gambulls NFTs release is to raise funds to fuel the growth of Gambulls and increase their share of the online gambling market. However, the Gambulls NFTs will offer far more than just a pretty JPEG for social signaling. They will provide their owners with considerable utility, including free weekly cash prizes, Rakeback, bonuses, and an engage-to-earn program on the platform, among many other exclusive benefits.

Given the size of the Gambulls community, as well as the fans and followers of Jelly Co, an initial NFT buyer would likely have no trouble selling their NFTs on the secondary market. However, die-hard fans of these NFTs would likely hold onto them for the long term, as they can enjoy the NFT’s amazing utility. So, why are Gambulls NFTs better than other NFTs?

Gambulls NFTs work similarly to a membership card, with smart contracts that guarantee their utility and value. This makes the NFTs incorruptible and reliable for holders, ensuring that they receive the promised benefits.

Its collection comprises 6,673 Bulls, including 7 Legendaries, and has a verifiable number of minted NFTs. The value of an NFT can be determined by how rare its traits are. For example, among the 6,673 NFTs, only a handful of them might possess green eyes. This makes the green-eyed Bulls rarer and a prized possession for NFT collectors to pay for.

By utilizing NFTs, Gambulls will not only raise capital but also reinvest said funds back into the community by offering incentives. The NFT marketplace will be built with a strong focus on community, providing users with tools for social interaction, curation, and NFT discovery. This will grant greater accessibility, convenience, and exciting opportunities to those involved in the NFT marketplace.

Its NFTs will go hand-in-hand with the Marketplace, which will be developed after the NFTs are released. The marketplace will employ three major blockchains, Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana, allowing users to easily switch between networks, explore a wide range of NFTs, and make purchases with their preferred cryptocurrencies that are network-compatible.

Finally, the raised capital will be put into motion for the anticipated Gambulls Metaverse. The NFT holders will control a unique avatar to mingle with other users and play online games together, in real-time.

With these NFTs, online gambling enthusiasts have a unique and valuable proposition. The combination of membership card benefits, smart contract security, and collectible rarity make Gambulls NFTs a reliable and potentially profitable investment. The reinvestment of funds back into the community, the development of the NFT marketplace, and the upcoming Gambulls Metaverse also offer exciting opportunities for NFT holders to interact with each other and engage in online gaming in real time.

However, as with any investment, it is important to do your research and carefully consider the risks and potential rewards before making a purchase. With that said, Gambulls NFTs appear to be a compelling investment opportunity for those interested in online gambling and NFT collectibles.

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