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DeGods Announces Updates To Next Season With Mixed Reactions

Swappable Male & Female DeGods
Swappable Male & Female DeGods

Between August 9 and 10, DeGods created significant ripples within the community by revealing not just one, but three highly anticipated updates that were eagerly awaited by enthusiasts of both the DeGods and y00ts projects. These unveilings signal a fresh progression for the ecosystem, encompassing an artistic enhancement, a novel points system, and the transfer of y00ts to the Ethereum platform. Nevertheless, the community’s response to these announcements has been varied.

First and foremost, an emphasis is placed on an artistic enhancement that stands at the forefront, aiming to infuse fresh vitality into the project with the objective of creating the “most elegant PFP possible.” Alongside streamlining traits for a more straightforward appearance, the artists have also simplified the backgrounds and introduced female DeGods, allowing holders to exchange them for their male counterparts. It’s important to note that this doesn’t introduce a new collection; those who wish to retain the old artwork have the option to do so. There’s no dilution of the existing collection, only an inclusion of 20,000 additional pieces of artwork appended to the original collection’s metadata. Importantly, it’s worth considering that upgrading one’s PFP will incur a cost of 333 $DUST for holders.

Y00ts Migrate To Ethereum

August 9 saw the Dust Labs team unveil a strategic choice to transfer y00ts onto the Ethereum blockchain. This move follows y00ts’ acceptance of a $3 million grant from Polygon in January, which was subsequently bridged in the early months of 2023. As a component of this declared decision, y00ts will be returning the grant funds to Polygon.

“We still love Polygon,” a tweet from the official y00ts account stated. “It’s just time to unite the DeGods & y00ts communities.” “I would appreciate it if everyone remains respectful of all parties involved,” added Frank DeGods. “It’s all love.”

The specific date for the transition to Ethereum remains undisclosed at this time. This choice has elicited a range of responses within the community, including commendation, criticism, and conjecture. Some members have voiced the belief that the anticipated technological advancements for Polygon have not materialized as promised.

Adding an extra layer of fascination, Degods has unveiled a fresh points system known as Points Parlor, poised to reshape the way users receive rewards from NFT projects. The $DUST acquired through the Season III art update will be allocated to the Points Parlor prize pool. Rewards will be granted to individuals who stake their DeGods/y00ts NFTs, acknowledging their loyalty. Further particulars will be disclosed in due course.

Although the DeGods team has already experienced a week full of significant developments, their endeavors appear to be ongoing. The recent revelations regarding DeGods Season III have sparked a variety of responses within the community, with certain individuals expressing criticism toward both the artwork and the team’s marketing strategy. In the aftermath of these announcements, Frank DeGods utilized Twitter to extend an apology to his community for what he referred to as “fumbling”. He conveyed his dislike for letting down the community and expressed a commitment to refining his approach.

Certain members of the community seemed to express their sentiment through financial actions. A noteworthy holder initiated the sale of over 100 DeGods via Blur bids, leading to a temporary decline in the price floor to less than 6 ETH at a particular juncture. Subsequent to facing scrutiny, the seller subsequently engaged on the DeGods Discord platform to offer additional insights into their motivations for selling, which seemed to stem more from personal reasons rather than being directly tied to critiques of the project. According to NFT Statistics, the notable surge in DeGods sales into Blur bids today, totaling 241, was primarily orchestrated by a mere 22 sellers.

As of the current moment, the floor price for DeGods stands at 6.86 ETH, exhibiting a decrease from its previous value of 8.8 ETH prior to the announcements. Nevertheless, historical patterns have demonstrated that underestimating the DeGods team during moments of uncertainty might not be prudent. Having already accomplished an unexpected resurgence and with Frank DeGods pledging to implement modifications, only time will reveal the trajectory of the project’s forthcoming phase.

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