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Cool Cats to Launch Trio of Games Improving Brand

Cool Cats written with Characters shown
Cool Cats written with Characters shown

Cool Cats Group, the Web3 company responsible for the NFT collection Cool Cats, has entered into partnerships with three gaming publishers: nWay, iCandy (both part of the Animoca Brands ecosystem), and Sync Studios. These alliances are focused on developing new games that showcase the Cool Cats brand and its characters. Currently, the trio of games is in the production phase and is scheduled to be released between late 2023 and early 2024.

The recent announcement represents a significant progression for Cool Cats as it continues its expansion into the mainstream. Notably, the company has recently revealed a strategic investment from Animoca Brands, a prominent player in the Web3 industry. Additionally, Cool Cats has formed a strategic alliance with Futureverse, a renowned metaverse infrastructure and content company.

Stephen Teglas, CEO of Cool Cats, stated in a press release “Gaming is an immersive content distribution platform that builds [an] emotional connection with the characters and story through engaging gameplay. Our new games are critical to our ongoing mission of developing Cool Cats into a globally known character brand and a robust storytelling and content company”.

“We have teamed up with nWay, iCandy, and Sync Studios, three visionary leaders, to deliver captivating gaming experiences that will delight our existing fan base and introduce the Cool Cats brand to a wider global audience.”

The collaboration between Cool Cats and nWay kicks off with an exciting multiplayer arcade game. As a San Francisco-based division of Animoca Brands, nWay brings a wealth of experience in creating dynamic multiplayer games, with a successful portfolio that includes popular titles such as Power Rangers: Legacy Wars and ChronoBlade.

In collaboration with iCandy Interactive Limited, Cool Cats is set to release its second game, an engaging 2D endless runner game that can be played directly in a web browser. The game is scheduled for release in September 2023. iCandy, supported by Animoca Brands, is a prominent game developer in Australia and Southeast Asia, boasting a substantial player base of over 370 million gamers worldwide.

Sync Studios and Cool Cats are partnering on a collaborative project to introduce a match-3 game for mobile platforms. This genre of game, similar to popular titles like Bejeweled or Candy Crush, involves matching up items to create combinations of three or more in a row. The upcoming match-3 game will provide players with a captivating experience on their mobile devices.

PlayEmber, a Web3 mobile gaming publisher backed by Shima Capital and Big Brain Holdings, has teamed up with Sync Studios. Sync Studios is widely recognized for their fruitful partnerships with Voodoo and Lion Studios, as well as their expertise in developing intellectual property (IP) games for major players such as Hasbro, Paramount Studios, and Warner Brothers.

Bi Cool Cats Group is expanding its horizons beyond the realm of gaming through various collaborations and initiatives aimed at reaching a wider audience. Noteworthy among these endeavors are their participation in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this November with a dedicated float, as well as their hosting of a booth at the international Comic Con taking place this month.

Soon, Cool Cats will unveil the names, promotional clips, and launch dates for their trio of upcoming games.

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