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Coca-Cola Launches “Masterpiece” NFTs On Base

Coca-Cola's Masterpiece NFTs
Coca-Cola's Masterpiece NFTs

Coca-Cola has just revealed its new Masterpiece NFT collection, which can now be accessed on the Coinbase layer-2 network known as Base. This announcement comes shortly after the public launch of the Base mainnet last week. This mainnet currently supports a diverse range of over 100 Dapps and service providers.

Coinbase kicked off its “Onchain Summer” campaign on August 9th, and as a notable feature, it spotlighted Coca-Cola’s inaugural NFT entry. This initiative, conceived to coincide with Base’s mainnet introduction, encompasses a range of on-chain endeavors spanning art, gaming, and music projects. A key aim of this initiative is to demonstrate the effectiveness and economical advantages of the Layer 2 chain.

The collection of Coca-Cola NFTs merges iconic or modern art with the famous Coca-Cola bottle, featuring well-known masterpieces like Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” and Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring.”

As per the statement, Coca-Cola is transitioning their Global Masterpiece campaign onto the blockchain, showcasing renowned creations from prominent artists. Noteworthy to mention, since the unveiling of the minting process on Sunday, around 50,000 NFTs have been generated through the platform. The minting window is projected to remain open until Wednesday.

In honor of Base’s mainnet launch, Coinbase commenced its “Onchain Summer” drive, scheduled to end by August 30. This campaign showcases a range of on-chain art, gaming, and music endeavors, all empowered by Base. Notable contributors to this event encompass Friends With Benefits, Optimism, and Atari.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that Friends With Benefits has introduced “New Era ETH” and “New Era BTC” NFTs in partnership with the enigmatic crypto aficionado Cozomo de’ Medici. Jesse Pollak, the head of Coinbase’s protocols, indicated that enterprises engaged in creating and implementing projects on Base could potentially qualify for grants.

Coca-Cola’s foray into the realm of NFTs through its “Masterpiece” collection underscores the growing significance of digital art, which has garnered widespread affection. Moreover, the introduction of this new collection on Coinbase’s Base network signifies the dynamic evolution of the NFT sector. Rather than being confined to speculative assets, NFTs are progressively assuming the role of tools that introduce a broader audience to both digital art and blockchain technology.

As established brands like Coca-Cola venture into this space, they play a pivotal role in bridging the gap of understanding, making the technology less enigmatic for many. This trajectory, which emphasizes education and inclusivity over mere speculation, stands as the vital course for the NFT industry to prioritize. By doing so, it can attain sustainable growth and foster widespread acceptance.

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