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Binance Launches Bixel For NFT & AI Fusion

Binance's Bixel, an AI NFT Generator with AI Artworks shown
Binance's Bixel, an AI NFT Generator with AI Artworks shown

Binance introduces Bixel, a groundbreaking AI-powered NFT generator that empowers users to craft distinctive digital artworks using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology. With the ability to submit text prompts or upload images, users can unlock their creativity and produce breathtaking digital art pieces, which can be minted as NFTs on the BNB Smart Chain.

Bixel’s journey kicked off with a limited beta test involving a group of European users, and the outcomes exceeded expectations. Bixel enabled the minting of an impressive 10,000 NFTs in a short span of time. Bolstered by the positive feedback and substantial demand, Binance made the strategic move to expand the service to a global audience, granting access to all users. However, this exclusive opportunity was time-limited, available for only 12 hours, and on a first-come, first-served basis, with access restricted to 100,000 Binance users.

In order to maintain a secure and trustworthy environment, Binance has implemented a Know Your Customer (KYC) identity verification process for users interested in utilizing Bixel’s creative capabilities. Through completing the KYC procedure, users can confidently participate in NFT creation, assured that their contributions are part of a compliant and secure ecosystem adhering to industry standards and regulations. To cover the expenses of the NFT creation process on the BNB Smart Chain, a nominal NFT Minting Fee of 0.008 BNB (approximately $2) is currently applicable.

Bixel presents a variety of features crafted to assist users on their creative path and enable the creation of personalized NFTs. One of these features includes ten free daily generation chances, offering users ample opportunities to explore, experiment, and enhance their digital masterpieces.

Artists are empowered with the freedom to select from a range of styles and access an assortment of tools that enrich their NFT artwork, enabling them to craft distinctive and captivating pieces that truly embody their artistic vision.

The merging of AI technology and the NFT space via Bixel presents thrilling opportunities for artists and creators, allowing them to unlock their creative potential and connect with a rapidly growing global NFT community.

Binance’s commitment to pushing boundaries and pioneering advancements in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain is further exemplified with the launch of Bixel. This noteworthy introduction represents a substantial stride in democratizing the NFT landscape and cultivating a more inclusive and expressive digital art ecosystem.

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