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Beatport Leverages Blockchain For Music

Beatport, an online music platform catering to electronic and dance music DJs, producers, and enthusiasts, has unveiled its latest venture, This innovative platform serves as a Web3 space, facilitating artists and labels to showcase their music and art in innovative and collectible formats. In collaboration with Web3 venture builder Define Creative, the company developed this marketplace on Aventus, a parachain within the Polkadot ecosystem.’s inaugural project is NACHTS, a multi-part digital art collection that beautifully captures the lively essence of Berlin’s techno scene. This unique collection was conceived by Mischa Fanghaenel, a former bouncer who has now become a skilled photographer, with more than a decade of experience in the renowned Berghain nightclub. Mischa collaborated with some of Berlin’s esteemed underground techno artists, including Ellen Allien, Âme, Ben Klock, Dixon, DVS1, Freddy K, and others, to bring this vibrant creation to life.

“The NACHTS project started during the first lockdown as an idea: If this is it, if no club in Berlin will ever open again, how are we going to preserve what we had? How are we going to memorialize this culture?” Fanghaenel said in a press release. “Looking at the different people that shape this culture, I understand why it’s so important to have places in which everyone can simply come together and be themselves. That’s why I want to share how beautiful life can be.”

The first limited edition of the NACHTS series is set to premiere on August 23, featuring a special collaboration with DJ and producer Len Faki. This exclusive release will showcase a unique track from Faki’s latest album, accompanied by exciting collaborations with artists from Berlin’s techno scene.

In conjunction with Berlin Art Week on September 14, Fanghaenel’s NFTs will serve as an entry pass to an immersive portrait exhibition.

NACHTS presents a captivating collection of over 175 portraits, thoughtfully generated by AI models and complemented by specially curated music created exclusively for this event. Fanghaenel’s portraits undergo a mesmerizing transformation, disintegrating into constructivist patterns, morphing into figurative forms and images, and ultimately converging into stunning and awe-inspiring works of art.

“Berlin has always been the mysterious heart of the underground techno scene,” Beatport Media Services SVP Ed Hill said in the press release. “Through his portrait series NACHTS, Mischa Fanghaenel offers a rare glimpse of the artists, spaces, and sounds that make the scene what it is. We’re excited for to be the exclusive launch partner for this collectibles series. For lovers of techno culture, this drop offers an opportunity to own an authentic slice of the scene and sets the tone for our digital marketplace.”

To celebrate the launch, a bonus edition of the NACHTS series will be offered for free minting on on July 27th.

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