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Aura Network’s Launch of The Xstaxy Mainnet Brings NFTs Within Reach of Mainstream Users

Aura Network Launches Xstaxy Mainnet after 15 months of rigorous development. The launch marks a significant milestone for Aura Network’s journey toward revolutionizing the Cosmos ecosystem. It enables a more sustainable future for Web3, NFTs, and DeFi.

As the first-ever smart contract layer-1 chain driving toward massive NFT adoption in the Cosmos ecosystem. Aura Network’s innovative solutions and industry expertise have positioned it as the leading force in the blockchain space. Aura Network Launches Xstaxy Mainnet backed by a team of 70 top-notch validators. The Xstaxy Mainnet boasts exceptional scalability, security, and reliability.

Moving forward, Aura Network has three primary focuses:

  1. Expanding NFT adoption
  2. Optimizing UX for the mainstream
  3. Growing Cosmos open-source software

    The company commits to contributing to the open-source software on Cosmos and making the user experience seamless and coherent for mainstream users and NFT newcomers.

    By simplifying core dApps, Aura Network aims to enable users to focus on enjoying the benefits that the platform offers. Furthermore, the company collaborates with local enterprises, brands, loyalty systems, and social networks to bring NFT adoption at whole new level.

    The success of Aura Network’s efforts so far can attribute to the significant support it has received from top VCs and blockchain projects. Including Hashed, Coin98 Ventures, GuildFi, Impossible Finance, Republic Crypto, Whalemap, Matchbox DAO, Istari Ventures, and many others. This support has enabled Aura Network to build a talented team and a robust infrastructure, increasing its credibility and attracting more users and investors.

    Overall, Aura Network is confident about Mainnet. It will be a game-changer in the blockchain industry and committe to leading the way toward a better Web3 future. The community is encouraged to stay updated with upcoming updates regarding new applications, NFT use cases, and features powered by Aura Network.

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